Message to the New Graduate

Who can ever forget the iconic scene from Robert De Nero’s “TAXI”? Yes, I am talking to you. Had an interesting conversation with my nephew who graduated last summer class at giphy (15)the age of 21. For the past days, he applied in various top companies for an Information Technology job. Last Tuesday I saw him driven and determined to land a job. After a few days, I saw him lying down on my son’s bedroom. Frustrated, flabbergasted and curled in fetal position playing out computer games. Perhaps wondering what to do next.

For the past days, he applied in various top companies for an Information Technology job.

After a few days, I saw him lying down on my son’s bedroom as if he just raised a white flag. Frustrated, flabbergasted and curled in fetal position playing out computer games. Perhaps wondering what to do next.

I approached and thought it was the time necessary to have a heart to heart talk with my nephew. Not to impart my wisdom but to connect.Featured Image -- 5574 I was personally interviewing and finding out what his thoughts were. I got the same old story, somehow I listened intently what he had to say.

He exclaimed most companies prefer to get graduates from exclusive schools especially those who possess high scholastic grades. Most companies are referred by friends and relatives.

I just kept it to myself really feeling sorry. Somehow  I have been hearing the same old rants and frustration coming from none-graduates and graduates alike every year.


It’s the perpetual proverbial reason why a newbie can not seem to land a job. Don’t fret and feel discouraged.There are other things you can do while looking for a job. After graduating what’s next? Time to get dirty and figure out what you would like to do.Here are a few suggestions:

  • Assess yourself and develop new marketable  Skills 

I advised my nephew to write down his strengths and weakness. This would be the best time to do some thinking and planning on what to do with his life. Perhaps he should start planning what activities and training he can pursue while looking for a job.

  • Try to be an Entrepreneur

giphy-downsizedI had to talk to my nephew and told him not to lose hope. Besides looking for the regular 9 to 12 jobs. There are other options such as Entrepreneurship. Venturing in Entrepreneurship is an option for those who would like to make a difference in the world.Doing something that you would love to do.

 I pointed out Martial Arts as an example. The Martial Artist starts out with the MIND-SET.  He has to believe in himself and the art he practices every day.  I have a group called the University of the East Martial Arts Club consist of members from different practitioners of Karate, Arnis de Mano, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kali, Shotokan, Escrima, Wing Chun, Choy Lay Fut, Hung Gar Gung Fu, and others.

It is interesting to know that majority of them who finished and mastered the arts started learning more about the Martial Art after they received their highest Rank.Following their heart and until this day are making their names in the field of Martial Art and make this a way of life and living. Following what they love and believe, especially in helping out people.

I have a high respect for all Martial Artists and bow to each individual as modern day Warriors and Entrepreneurs.

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  • Going to Company Fairs or Job Fairs in Malls.

The first time I landed a job in a Business Processing Outsource company was when I 10407796_1418917648429189_7828436884639258922_n (1)passed a series of Interviews and tests at Trinoma. This was way back in 2006. For months I  tried going to different Call Center in Cubao, Makati, and Pasig cities. Only to be told to try the following month. I believe each city or municipality in Manila has scheduled regular Job Fairs. This would include different companies and top corporations that are looking for the right candidate. Usually conducted by people called Head-Hunters.

  • Social Media and Personal Contacts 

Time to touch base with old high school and college friends who are now working. I would recommend creating a LinkedIn Account.Time to dip to your old directory and planners and get in touch with old buddies from high school and college

  • Re-enroll and Go  back to School

I had some friends who decided to pursue their studies while they were looking for a job. Some took up additional units and pursued a Masters Degree Course. Others decided to take up Law and are now lawyers.Others pursued and developed skills to enhance their marketability in top corporations.

Conclusion :

There are different ways how you can land a job.  It’s a matter of searching what you would like to do with your life. Some are contented in working with top Corporations. Others prefer working in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry. There is now a new Industry and Market emerging. This would be for Work@Home or Freelancers.


For one reason or another, I deliberately did not include Work@Home as an option. I asked my nephew if he open to such option. He had wise words to say, he stated he wants to gain the necessary EXPERIENCE, MIND-SET, and the DISCIPLINE to work on a job.

He believes that without these three aspects are like the characters in the nursery rhyme of the  Three Blind Mice. He feels he will go around in the circle with no definite direction.  Funny, he just left a few seconds ago. Somehow, I got to realize my nephew finally understands what he wants in his life. Enjoy your weekend and please do have pleasant weekend everyone.

– Vaya Con Dios!


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