A New Beginning

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Can you recall the first time you graduated from college or a program? You hear yourself and fellow students. Screaming in delight? Screaming at the top your lungs like in the epic movie of Mel Gibson Braveheart.


Freedom from assignments, freedom from school projects, freedom from waking up early in the morning so on and so forth. The perpetual grind of pursuing academic excellence, the stress of passing major subjects and meeting deadlines for school projects. The early morning flag ceremony and morning speech were given by the Principal or Department Head bombarding about speeches on the essence of life.

Graduating from college or finishing a particular program is not attaining freedom but plainly attaining a mere milestone in one’s life. On the contrary, the skill and knowledge you possess should give you the self-confidence how to tackle a task. Those who finish and possess mediocre skills somehow crumble in frustration. He starts searching for work he possesses only a mere mediocre skills which the majority people have.

There is a different notion in Martial Arts. As soon as you receive your Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Judo or Karate-Do. This is just the beginning process of learning, the beginning, and search for developing your skills and character. In other ancient martial art, this is just a journey of life and the essence on the beginning of life. This is just the beginning of your journey.

Flashback 1975( The Process)

In Manila, we had three years of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos New Society and Martial Law. Besides the Nixon Watergate Scandal, pablo (30)the Fall of Saigon, the introduction of the Rubik’s Cube in the market,  the song popularized by Barry Manilow- Mandy, while in the United States  An unknown young man by the name of Bill Gates and Paul Allen developed the BASIC Interpreter for ALTAIR 8800. History in the making, MICROSOFT is born in Albuquerque on April  4, 1975.

I vaguely remember what happened in 1975.For the first two years of high school as a Freshman and Sophomore, we had several sections. This was downsized when we reached the third year.  The junior and senior high school at that time was then compressed into six sections. I do remember my batchmates and I were scheduled to taking on a special examination in high school on the technical subject we would be concentrating on. At that time we were not aware of our what we would specialize.

I fondly recall what my old assistant principal once said “There is no such thing as a good worker, There are only good students who become good workers”



The courses are as follows:

  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Industrial Drafting
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Electricity
  • Mechanics

I ended up taking Industrial Drafting Technology the last two years in high school. It was a training ground for future draftsman and a stepping stone for Graphic Arts, Architecture or Industrial Drafting. Sorry Computer Aided Design or CAD did not exist at that time.  We were trained and armed to use the T-Square, protractor, 45 and 30 degrees triangular rulers, Scale Rulers, Drafting compass, different scales of Vinyl paper and the Stabilo pens(with various points). I learned recently, 2017 Industrial Drafting was discontinued and totally phased out from the school. Instead, Computer Aided Design or CAD is offered for today’s generation.

Adapt, Improvise and Overcome(1979)

I do not think the last two years in Industrial Drafting was a total waste of time and a total loss. The skills, training, and discipline were used when I  started working as a Systems Integrator for Structured Cabling. Regardless what training and skills you possess. What is important is your determination and mindset on pursuing a goal in life.

What we learned and instilled in the past are just stepping stones that would lead to a better opportunity.  It is definitely essential to open your eyes on what is offered. People tend to see situations or conditions as obstacles that block  a vision or goal in life. Only a few would recognize this as a stepping stone and moment of opportunity.

I would like to extend my congratulations to those who finished and graduated from college recently. I have two kids staying at home, the first finished his Information Technology course in three years whereas the second finally finished his four-year IT course just last summer. There seems to be a difference in upbringing. The first kid who graduated and finished his four years IT course in three years was brought up how to survive the harsh realities of life.

The second kid meanwhile, was taking much of his time. Drifting staying in his comfortable bed, lying down playing computer games and wasting his time till the day ends.

200w_d (5)


Regardless whether you are young or old. The moment of realization should begin when you begin to realize the need to step up. The moment when you see an opportunity. There always be only a few people who would realize that time is short and the moment to move is NOW.

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