D-Day  ! Nope Dads Day slash Father’s Day 

It is a pretty humid and uncomfortable Sunday afternoon. I could hear the usual perpetual humming of kuligligs or crickets buzzing from my window. Not to mention an electrical buzzing saw coming from a nearby car shop perhaps finishing up with some backlog body shop which they need to finish being middle of June. I decided to switch to my Spotify music to place me on the mood. Choosing Boracay specifically Lana Del Rey musical collections to keep the flow of my thoughts moving.

Right now I could hear music coming from  Saint Mary’s Choire preparing for these evenings Sunday’s Mass and pablo (30)Father’s Day Celebration.

By the way, I would like to greet each and every one of you a Happy Father’s Day.  We heard Mass at Mount Carmel at New Manila together with my Dad, Son, and Twin brother. Yup, I forgot to mention I do have a twin brother who is a practicing Dentist and resides in Sta Cruz Laguna. He arrived last night after coming from a meeting with a Copywriter professional Freelancer in Makati. I was not able to get the specifics of the meeting. I hope this would be fruitful for him.

Besides listening to Spotify while working on this article. I decided to charge my Dell Computer which was only half power charged. I had to shut her down Sunday morning  I figured I would have a busy Sunday weekend. Father’s Day to us is just a simple celebration and gathering. It does not have to be expensive but simply touching base and spending time together. Frankly, I feel rather guilty, because my wife and daughter are both in Angeles Pampanga. As soon as I am done with my priorities and responsibilities I will head to Angeles City. I decided to follow some lessons I learned in Blogging. Specifically Neil Patel Tips on Blogging.

pablo (15)

While having lunch with my twin brother he was asking what were the essential tools I use when I work on-line. I would like to share the following tools also to you my readers. I  realize each one of us has their own respective way of handling their day to day activities.

Tools, planner, and Notebook

Personally, I really won’t know what to do if I did not have Pablo for Buffer. It sure gives me options for various awesome pictures which really is catchy and has a certain impact with the blogs I write.

  • Pablo by Buffer. I am playing with the idea of getting Pablo for Business. Buffer has been a great tool for me. I am thinking of bringing Buffer to the next level. What I love with the tool are the catchy pictures. You can even add quotes on the pictures. I was really surprised that you can even play around with the density and tone of the pictures that would reflect the mood of your blog.
  • Essential PIM. Another excellent tool which I use almost every day. Besides working on my schedule of activities and planning for a day, a week, a month and even a year. I was able to use Essential PIM as a conduit to read and filter out my eight email accounts.
  • Trello.  Another excellent tool I use extensively especially when I work on articles for mind-mapping, planning of small projects and different kind of  brainstorming activities,
  • Tweetdeck. Who doesn’t love Twitter? Well, I do. I am working on four different Twitter accounts ranging from personal, to business, extracurricular activities. I could manage to get in touch with the right parties and groups when I am busy in the early morning.
  • 2017 Planner and Notebooks. Don’t blame me I am really an old school guy. There was an instant the first time my computer broke down I really didn’t know what to do. Since then I have explicitly practiced how to regularly back up my files in different USB Drives and Cloud Drives.  This is the easiest and economical way for me to save my files.

The Day is almost over. It’s now 5:05 in the afternoon, I could hear some roosters crowing and the bell from the shop ringing meaning it is now time to call it a day. I could now see the sun setting and it is now a little bit cooler.  May you all have a pleasant weekend and enjoy your Father’s Day Celebration.

This is Daddy Felix ciao!

pablo (7).png


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