Customer Service Job Definition:

The primary responsibility of a Customer Service Representative(CSR)/Agent is to help the new potential customer and old existing customers. The Agent helps answer product and service questions by suggesting information about the benefits and features of products and services. The Agent opens Customer Accounts by checking and recording pertinent account information. He helps, assists and maintain the customer records by updating account information

Customer Cases:

Let me share some customer service cases I experienced when I was in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) pablo (2)and Corporate World as a Systems Integrator.There is a thin gray line.The customer should understand when they purchase a product and service from a company. Any third product added purchased from third party vendors affects the performance of a service or product, There is a high probability of encountering issues in the future.In some cases, there are instances when the warranty and support may be voided.

There is a thin gray line the customer should understand when they buy a product and service from a company. Any third product added or purchased from third- party vendor affects the performance of a service or product would encounter possible issues in the future.

One perfect classic example is the case of Systems Integrators(SI) for Structured Cabling.


Lanil Marasinghe – Own work
Structured cabling network diagram.

Every professional cabling expounds an end to end solution.Structured cabling consists of Active and Passive Components. The active components consist the Hub, Switch or Router in a particular network.  The passive components are the  Fiber Optic Panel(FOC), Fiber Optic Enclosure,24 Port patch panel, cable, cable boots and faceplates that are installed in the Computer Network.  Meaning if the Computers uses a Category 5e for the entire cabling infrastructure. Any lower component such as Category5 would lower and dimish the performance of the entire network structure.

Case Number 1

A few years way back I was assigned to Tier-1 Voice Account for Kindle Support.One 101_1567call I received was a client who complained that her Kindle Device was not working.The first thing I did was validate if the customer had an existing account with the account I was handling. We were trained to ask for probing questions such as when the product was purchased and if the product was purchased from a third party vendor.

In this case, the customer(Cx) called up because she is unable to use the Kindle device which she recently purchased. The customer was not aware that the device she bought had to be connected to a WI-FI, Internet Service Provider(ISP) or a hotspot. Another option the CSR pointed out is to connect to 4G LTE

While explaining  I pointed out other options to the client that she could either purchase a different model or a refund would be issued.Unfortunately, the customer was irritated and started banging the Kindle device till I heard a sickening crack. All I could do is to apologize to the customer and take note on the account what just happened.

Case Number 2*

I received an assignment to install Fiber Optic Installation Campus Type in one Special Economic Zone in Cavite. There were four points of installation. The Main Fiber Optic Backbone and Three Intermediate Distribution Frame. Everything was running smoothly until two weeks later. We were advised to rectify the situation. I had to coordinate with a Third-Party Vendor who supplied the active components. We found out that the Main Fiber Optic Cable installed and utilized was not a multi-mode but a single mode. The logo and design looked like a Multi-mode Fiber cable.  I only learned later that one of the Installers made arrangements with one of the clients and supplied an inferior quality cable so that they could make money from the project.

Of course, this infuriated the client, the management from where I worked and me.

Integrity and Customer Satisfaction is what I have always practiced. In the end, the Installer and the person from the company that caused the issue were both terminated from the company.

*Third Party Vendors, in this case, are utilized because this would give the client options to utilize since this is an Open system.

Case Number 3

This morning I was roused from my bed because a technician from PLDT(Philippine Long Distance Telephone) arrived topablo-1213

check out the phone and Internet Connection. I was not sure what was happening and listened to the conversation of my father and the PLDT technician. I was requested to bring down my laptop to check out the WI-Fi and hot spot connectivity. The technician and I checked out on the Wiring connectivity, the router as well as the modem. We found out that the real issue was the emails of my Dad does not appear in the old Microsoft Outlook 97 that was installed in his computer.  I explained to my father that PLDT or our service provider can only handle what PLDT installed. I am referring to the PLDT Microsoft Outlook which is handled by PLDT, the router, the modem and the Internet Connection provided by the PLDT.

These are just a few case studies I would like share with you. This is no different while working at home or working as a Virtual Assistant Professional. I would like to stress the importance of laying out the services or products you can only provide in a contract. Any additional service added should be thoroughly discussed and priced properly.


The customer has all the right to demand satisfaction for the product or services they pay. It is only when an added service or product that is added to the contract which has not been included in the contract would tantamount to possible issues in the future. Before I go I would like to greet everyone have an Awesome Weekend. Finally, Happy Father’s Day.

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