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3:42 pm Friday, It’s June 16th. The perpetual buzzing from crickets or kuligligs has been buzzing at the right side of my window for hours. It’s a hot searing lazy afternoon, not entirely though. I decided to make some changes in my approach to blogging. I am referring on the Golden Tips for Writing Blogs written by Neil Patel.

I have to admit I am not happy with the way I blog. Perhaps by following the tips of Mr. Neil Patel. You, my beloved readers and I will improve and provide the information you are looking for.

Who is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. Neil help companies grow. Some of the big names he helped out are eBay, Amazon, General Motors, Hewlett- Packard, National Broadcasting Company and Viacom in increasing their revenues.  He is a New York Best-selling author, blogger, entrepreneur and marketer. He loves helping small and medium businesses grow.

I enjoyed reading and learning from Neil Patel and will follow his advice. You could catch Neil who conducts webinars and read his blogs and works on  his website  NeilPatel

Golden Tips for Writing Blogs Posts by Neil Patel.

  • Write with the words You and I
  • Your paragraph can consist of  only five to six lines
  • Use sub-headings to break down sections. This would help the readers get the  gist of your content
  • The importance of providing a summary. Make sure to use a conclusion in every blog.
  • Make sure to site your information where you get your source
  • Use Photos pictures and graphics 
  • The article is thorough and actionable.  How to do something after reading this.

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