Murphy’s Law

What can happen will happen?
Murphy’s law is a popular adage that states that “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance,” or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong,will go wrong.”
A number of variants on the rule have been formulated, as have several corollaries

“Ayoko ko nah ah! Give up naAyko! “Throw in the towel!  Those words came screaming and echoing on top of my head.Murphy’s law states if something goes wrong it will. Let me see how my week first started. I welcomed Monday early morning waking up as early as 2:45 am, washing my dentures. “Que Horror!”,speaking to myself. The two main caps attached to my dentures fell off. Yikes…!! Silently talking to myself, I proceeded to work on my workstation. For no apparent reason, the power source of my newly acquired Dell 3552 4 GB 500 GB Hard Disk 15.6 computer stopped charging and went dead on me.

June 2017

Early last week I planned to see an old friend who  I have not seen for over a decade. I was informed by a family member he passed away last Saturday after suffering a fatal massive cardiac arrest. Bert Eric M.Tagayuna was supposed to turn 57 years old this coming September when he passed away. Right now, I am still in the state of shock. How can a health buff on the go and promising Call Center Coach just drop dead for no apparent reason at all? I feel like the characters in Indiana Jones. In one particular scene Harrison Ford who plays as Indiana Jones and Sean Connery as his father Doctor Jones were both tied up back to back in two chairs, screaming in frustration flustered and thinking aloud of options what to do while the fire rages, crying out in anguish and despair, asking how to get out of such situation.

Gathering of  old Friends 

The first thing I did was to take stock of my situation. Good thing I had my good old Blackberry Curve 9700 and dilapidated Android cloud phone.

Credit to Lanil Marasinghe – Own work
Structured cabling network diagram.


I use as a reserve to contact old peers who were once upon a time a Sales staff of  Bert Eric M. Tagayuna. We all came from the defunct Sales SPCTC and QSS Corporation Structured Cabling and Information Technology Company.We were once a formidable group to reckon with in the Nineties decade.

Second I checked on my options when I could schedule going to the Vendor where I bought the Dell computer. And last is to inform an old classmate turned professional medical dentist for an appointment to help me fix my dentures.  All is well, that’s what I thought.

I was informed by the guys to meet up at Funeral Paz around 7:00 in the evening because giphy (11).gifthis was the last night before Eric was to be transferred to his final resting place at Loyola Marikina. What made this gathering interesting? We all came from different computer Information Technology companies way back in the Nineteen Nineties.  We were paying tribute to a man who was not only a good Salesman but a great motivator. Each individual had his and her own strengths and weaknesses.

 Bert Eric M. Tagayuna brought out the best of each individual. Capitalizing more on each individual asset and experience especially in gathering marketing and information that would help Quality Systems Solution Corporation as a formidable Solutions Provider for the various companies and corporations in the Philippines. Eric Stressed more on providing Sales and Customer Support especially Customer Care from each individual.

From Salesmen to SoloPreneurs  in the Nineteen Nineties

Quality System Solutions Corporation(QSS Corporation) consisted of three different departments. There was the Software Consultative Group, QSS Structured Cabling Department which consisted of the Sales Group and the Systems Integration Department. Eric Tagayuna was the head of the Sales Department while Edgar A. Ballesteros was in charge of Technical, Logistics, and Systems Integration group. The company lasted almost four to six years.

Instead of parting ways after leaving Funeral Paz. The youngest among friends Jumbo decided to drop by the nearest Bar along Timog Avenue to catch up. Rhonel and Noli are still with the Structured Cabling Industry. Unlike those early days where we were trained to locate for clients. Today both Rhonel and Noli were being sought out as Systems Integration Consultants and provided Cabling Projects.

Today at 2017 

Nice Story Daddy Felix, what has this got to do with the Digital Nomads Life and the Virtual Assistant Professional Business? I have to admit there is a big difference when dealing with the Corporate Clients in an Industry than with dealing with Clients in the Digital World.  Both worlds have something in common. That is providing and identifying and satisfying the primary need of a customer. Customers do not really care about the background of the Individual.  This is based on what I learned from webinars and interviews. Customers are searching for individuals who can provide an Immediate Solution for their daily concerns and problems.

Just sharing information for those who would like to learn from the Internet and Digital Marketing.

Pushing the Envelope: Make More Without Having to Do More

19222833_10209576070423418_3590476317556485010_o (1)

From Mr. Nix Eniego

On July 5, 2017 at WeCube, Makati, I’ll be teaming up with:

John R Pagulayan – people call him John “The Legend” Pagulayan for a reason. John makes close to ₱2M a month in his sleep. He specializes in killer email copy and has written for multiple top brands globally.

Karla Stefan Singson – the queen of PR and Branding in the Philippines. She founded and operates 3 successful businesses in the country, as well as headlining at TEDx.

Mitch Miller – this guy is one of the most amazing marketers I’ve seen. He’s a master of ‘copy’ and is an advisor to some of the biggest companies, millionaires, and celebrities around the world.




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