Wondering Thoughts 6.9.2017 Father’s Day in the Digital Realm

Father's Day is significant for me and my siblings. My grandparents told me a story. This happened in February 1945. All the bridges in Manila were being blasted by the Japanese Imperial Forces. One particular bridge called the Lambingan Bridge that was close to Sta. Ana and Kalentong were prepared to be blown up.


Simplify and Strategize Your Reward Programs for Building Loyalty

Food for a Thought. Thank you Ms. Middle Me!


Is it more affordable to get new customers or retain your existing one? Usually it’s the latter, but you have to put in a real amount of effort. When you do, the benefits are tremendous. How do you get your customers to buy from you again? Quality products and customer satisfaction are definitely some aspects of it. Building customer loyalty involves more, and an integral part of this is to have a reward program in place.

Does this seem like more work to you? Actually, it isn’t as long as you go with a top-notch solution provider? There are so many companies out there that offer a reward management system based on the cloud for easy access from anywhere and any place. You can use easily use solutions of these sorts. But while at it, you’ll have to indentify your best customers, your second best ones, and so on. Accordingly…

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