Conversation with Juan De La Cruz

I was having coffee at a local coffee stop bidding my time when I came across a good friend of mine. Let me introduce you to Mr. Juan De La Cruz.  giphy (4)The conversation went as follows.

Me: Brow, Como Esta? How are you? Ahhh, why so glum?

JDC: Dre, I was so close…

Me: Close? Close to what?

JDC: Akala ko I latched on a New job. Damn, I was too confident. I was really so close to getting it. I reached the Ops Interview(Operations Interview). And was waiting for the JO( Job Offer)

Me: Sorry to hear about it, Dre. Tell me more about it so I’ll know what happened and advise you accordingly.

JDC: I was invited last Saturday to visit the Call Center. Unfortunately, I was a little bit tied up giphy (2)and requested for a reschedule on a Monday. I registered at the front desk, provided my Passport Documents.  I was told to wait with rest of the people to be called out. After waiting for over two hours, we were told to grab some refreshments which were close to the front desk. After a few minutes, my name was called together with fourteen other candidates.

JDC: I and the rest of the candidates were guided to a small conference room. The HR representative conducted a group interview. Armed with a copy of our resumes we were asked to provide our names, educational attainment, how long have we stayed in the BPO( Business Processing Outsourcing Industry. )

Me: Brow, you are more articulate than me. Lalo Pa, I can sense the confidence every time you are in front of the crowd. So what gives?

As the conversation was dragging on I could hear the rumble from the sky and the building up of dark clouds.  The traffic along Quezon Avenue was beginning to build up.I was thinking of leaving Juan De La Cruz especially since I had to run some errands. I decided to stay and hear out his story.

giphy (3)


JDC: You know the feeling? Malakas ang loob ko( I was really confident). Maski naka  Pikit Ang Mga Mata Ko. I really knew what to say. I know the drill and the process.

ME: Hmmm, go ahead…

JDC: Masaya Ako, I passed the group panel Interview. I was advised to take the typing test. Madali lang… I was hitting 90 words per minutes.

Me: Damn your fast… You’re like THE FLASH… or  Speedy Gonzalez.

JDC: Oo Nga, After the test,  I was advised to wait outside. Out of the fourteen candidates, only two were asked to wait. I was informed by Mr. HR  I was an ideal candidate. He mentioned that the account is an International On-Line shopping company. It is a SALES ACCOUNT.

I had to end the conversation because I knew where this was leading.  I empathize and sympathize with Mr. Juan De La Cruz. I know he giphy (7).gifpossessed the communication skills and the self-confidence he ensues when dealing with people. I have known Juan De La Cruz since birth. Unfortunately, his overconfidence overshadowed and was blinded by the fact he was pretty poor in Sales, which turned out to be his Waterloo.

I could hear the rumble from the sky growing louder, the clouds grew darker and the gusty winds blowing stronger. As if the heavens were pouring out the frustration Juan De La Cruz was feeling. It was beginning pour and rain very hard, I could hear some vehicles horn starting to Honk continuously. Activated because of the static electricity coming from the streaks of lightning that seemed to flash in a random fashion.

When applying for a position with a company especially a Business Processing Outsource Industry. I would really help to check out the background of the company you would like to work with. Distance and proximity to travel back and forth from home to work could be a factor.  One thing I did learn from my previous work experience is. Unless you were handed a document and signed a contract and given a JO(Job Offer). Perhaps that is the time to rejoice.  It is always imperative to consider once skill and attitude.

The matter of plainly articulating your thoughts nor if you possess a certain degree of mastering the English Language is not an assurance in working in a Call Center. What is being factored are the candidates’ Mindset, Attitude, and Aptitude.The candidate must be honest to himself consider his personal strengths and weaknesses in working in a Business Process Outsource Industry.

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