Hard Disk Crash Imminent

Have you encountered this situation?Working feverishly on a deadline. Then the unexpected happens?

The last time I used my old computer, I received a message that read the following. “Back up your files, Hard disk crash imminent“, good thing I had the regular habit of backing up files to two USB device. Not to mention the cloud drives I used such as Amazon Drive, Google Cloud, MSN and other different generic cloud files.

pablo-12This saved me from the headache of retrieving my old files from the Gateway Netbook. I have been using the old reliable Netbook for the over seven to eight years.

Not bad right? I had no recourse but to use my kid’s computer. This was difficult since my kid placed some password.   I trained my kids not let anyone else use their computer regardless, this is for their own security and safety. This also included your truly. For a month I used my old blackberry 9770 Curve and Cloud phone. Just to surf the net and communicate with friends and peers. It was really annoying since I had to occasionally recharge each phone every four hours. I feared both my handset device might break down.

I figured it was time for me to take some action.

The first thing I did is research on the latest computers.I  decided to check on   The PC Magazine as a Point-of-reference.  I  felt more at home with the Microsoft 7 Vista- This version made me feel safe and I found the operating system easy to use. Almost all the latest Laptop and branded desktop had the latest Microsoft Windows 10.

I decided to  shortlist what brands to check out which are:

  • Gateway I understand the company was purchased by ACER. I find Gateway pretty sleek in terms of performance and reliability.
  • Dell Computer – For years, we have been using Dell starting from the 386 SX period. We had two old Dell laptops which have been with the family for almost 12 long years-Funny only one is now functioning and remains as a backup in case of unforetold events. At least we have an old reliable computer to use.
  • ACER – We previously had an Acer Aspire which we used for almost four years. Most of the laptops offered by ACER  provide a two-year warranty.
  • IBM Thinkpad. I enjoyed using IBM computers especially when I worked previously in the Business Process Outsource Industry.

Choosing a Computer

I asked from friends and peers if they could suggest a laptop which is reliable, powerful, a Battery Life should last  5 to 6 hours and finally, and that would meet my budget.Most of my friends advised me to set a budget between Php20,000 to Php 30,000.00 for a fairly good computer.

Unfortunately, the premium computers they suggested were all beyond my current budget. I was advised to check on-line and work on my options. I decided to check out the nearest Mall near my place where I found the Dell Inspiron 15 3552 15.6″ Intel Pentium N3700 4GB Windows 10 Laptop.  The vendor provided me a quotation offering me at Php 14,750.00

I decided to go to SM Shoemart at West Avenue to check on my options. Somehow since I was brought up the old school fashion way. I believed it would be better for me to check it out personally.

  • Electroworld Intel Pentium 4 Core, 4 Core  4 GB HDD3. 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, 15.5 HD monitor, Windows 10 Home Edition SRP 17,995.00 Cash 16,500.00
  • Electroworld Intel NBIc x541 SA. Intel Celeron 4 GB Ram. 500 GB Harddisk Built in DVD Webcam WIFI ready, Blue tooth and Windows 10 Cash Php 14,100.00
  • PC Home Aspire ESI-432 Celeron Quad Core. Intel Celeron Quad Core N3450(1.10 GHz) 4 GB DDRS/500 GB HDD, Intel Integrated HD Graphics, DVD 14 inch HD Display 4 Cell Li-ion (Built-n Windows 10) Php 15,990.00
  • PC Express  Dell Inspiron 15 3552-N3050 with ODD Black Intel Core N3050 4 G DDR3/500 GB SATA 15.6 LED /Windows 10 DVDR3 Webcam, 4 Cell.

The Verdict:

Finally decided on the Dell Inspiron 3552. Upon purchasing the unit the sales staff presented a demo of the product to familiarize me with the new Laptop. I was advised to register the product on-line. I know this is an entry-level computer, especially for college and professionals.

Dell Inspiron 15 3552 review – a solid low-end performer


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