Pinaka matinding kalaban mo ay iyong sarili,pinaka matalik mong kaibigan ang iyong sarile. 


This is a Tagalog verse which means, “The worst enemy is yourself and your best friend is likewise yourself“.  I came from a meeting yesterday afternoon at Saint Patrick Church along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. I dropped by my old office to see some friends. It was really nice to see my old trainer from chat support. It was almost lunch time I did not think I would be seeing some of my batch mates from chat support.

I met two of my former office mates, One is named Apple and the second we call her Snow White.  Don’t ask me why we coined pablo (2)out the name?  Snow White informed me that she was resigning from the company. I asked her “Why?”, I followed saying that she is scheduled to be regularized. SnowWhite replied, unfortunately, she was unable to meet the metrics the account has laid down. She followed and said sadly, there is no security in working in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry.

I was silent for a minute or two. SnowWhite was fishing out for some advice if she could either work as a Freelancer, look around for another job in a different call center or take a long vacation.  Frankly, I sympathize with SnowWhite.

I asked her “What do you want to do?”.   There are times we feel a certain depth of uncertainty, especially when we are accustomed feeling at home and felt a sense of comfort. Especially for working in the BPO Industry, majority call center agents who are unable to meet the metrics and compliance specified by the account and company are weeded out from the company and are asked to either resign or be terminated.

It’s the reality of the corporate world, I agree it is a perpetual vicious cycle in a corporate environment.I have nothing against giphy (1).gifthe Business Process Outsource Industry, on the contrary, I love the industry. Considering I worked with one for almost Seven years, this was until my mother had an accident. This to me was a circumstantial situation where I either find another job elsewhere.

I had some thoughts after the conversation which I kept to myself.Some call center agents who work in a voice account think it is easy to work in a none-voice account. I got news for you, it’s not. Unknown to many, chat support agents handle at the most two customers. It depends entirely on the agent’s skill how to handle his Average Handling Time(AHT) especially working on the concern of his customers.

The agent has to take into consideration the constant monitoring of Quality Support(QS), Subject Matter Expert(SME) and the Team Leader(TL) who constantly monitors the operation of the account.

There are two possibilities, either something is wrong with the agent or the company.

Here are some suggestions you can follow if you find yourself in such situation.

  • Pick Up the Pieces – After leaving the company you worked with for years. SMILE! Grab the opportunity to meditate. Get a paper and pen and write to yourself. Assess your skills, What are your positive and negative assets you could provide.
  • Plan your activities – In my case, I have a planner. I write down my plan for the day, the week and a month.I usually use the bullet form journal, this will provide you an idea what you’re priorities are
  • Keep yourself Busy – Huh? I’m just out of the job and you are telling me to be busy? That’s right, keep yourself busy. Lay out a project which you had worked on since you were at that time working.Develop and work on your current skills. Ask a close friend for their opinion about you,
  • Socialize and keep in touch with former associates and friends. I would not recommend checking out Social Media. The primary purpose of this exercise is to be productive and personally assess your skills. This is the time of reflection so you can be honest with yourself.

I only wish the best for my former wave mates who decided to leave and look for a job.  Working in a Business Process Outsource Industry is fun. It is only after training for the account you will realize that the honeymoon is now over. Either you make most of your stay with the company, peers, and supervisor. Or look for a job elsewhere, it all boils down to one thing.

Regardless what the new job you are doing. It depends on the MIND-SET and ATTITUDE of the individual. To my former wave mates, I wish you all the best in your new endeavor. Working as a freelancer is another story…


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