What If?

Have you ever experience being told to come back the following week because your papers were not processed? Week after week? Then month after month? I did…

It has been weeks since I wrote a blog. The truth of the matter is, I did not have my own computer to use. I was hoping to raise some funds so I could go back to blogging and search for possible projects.

giphy-downsized (1)I decided to contemplate on my options. They are: Option 1-Buy a new computer; Option 2-  Have my eight-year-old Gateway repaired and finally; the last Option contemplate on buying a second-hand computer.Perhaps the big question that pondered my thoughts is – What if?


May 22 was a pretty hot day, I could see the slow building up of traffic along Quezon Avenue. I had second thoughts leaving my place, perhaps worried because my blood pressure would shoot up.  I was really apprehensive and perhaps anticipating the possibility of getting disappointed. Somehow something inside me prodded to proceed to Makati City.

I took the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and went down Buendia.After 25 minutes, I finally arrived in Makati and proceeded to my destination. I followed the procedure of the company and waited for my turn to check on the list.  I was requested to provide a xerox copy of my latest cedula for the fiscal year as well as a xerox copy of two valid Identification papers. Hoping this time, well really crossing my fingers.

Finally, after going through the folder,   my name was included on the list.

Lesson learned, never give up and consistently follow up till you meet your objective.

Shopping for a computer

Before deciding to buy a computer you have to consider the purpose of buying a computer. Ask yourself if it is solely used for business or for entertainment. The last computer I used was a Gateway 11 inch two Core 2GB 250 GB Harddisk It was bundled with Microsoft 7 Home Edition, Licensed copy of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.The Gateway Netbook lasted almost Six to Several years and it was now showing some signs of age especially wear and tear. I used the Gateway mainly for writing proposals and teaching myself about the Virtual Assistant Professional process.

I weighed my options and was considering getting a desktop or a laptop. There were some considerations I needed to check on.

In terms of budget, a branded desktop would cost much more compared to a cloned computer. Branded computers have packaged operating system and applications that are included with the computer system.  Besides, a cloned computer based on my experience will not last long. Buying a cloned computer entailed too many hidden costs especially if you are working on a budget.

I figured just work on your current needs and the budget you are willing to spend on a computer.

Just sharing my thoughts, have a pleasant week ahead of you. Vaya Con Dios and take it easy.


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