How was your Mother’s Day Celebration? Hope you had a good one just like I had. Since Thursday, my days have been pretty hectic and productive. There seems to one interesting development occurring each  day.  Last Sunday, I celebrated a pretty quiet Mother’s Day celebration with my sibling and parents. My sister had two friends who dropped by to see Vanessa before she heads back to New Jersey early following day.

Just this morning a Monday. We  brought my sister Vanessa to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport III so that she would fly back via Cathay back to the United States. pablo (30)She stayed for 15 days to spend some time with my 88 year old parents. It is now 11:02 in the morning, as usual we are experiencing the hottest day for the month of May.

Like the previous weeks I was praying and hoping that we will be experiencing some thunder storms.

Unfortunately, we learned from Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or simply PAGASA, Manila will be experiencing more hot summer till the middle part of June of the year.

How does your computer become infected with ransomware? 

The age-old advice is to never click on a link in an email,

The software is usually hidden within links or attachments in emails. Once the user clicks on the link or opens the document, their computer is infected and the software takes over.

What is Ransomware?

I was slightly hesitant to write because of a malware Internet menace was published in a local newspaper last Sunday. What’s new? Lately I read from Social Media and Newspapers about the latest menace that has been grabbing the headlines in the Social Media cycle and International. I am referring to WannaCry / Wcry / WannaCrypt ransomware

For Additional Information Check on the following:

I figured this is the best time to be forewarned than later regret not being aware of the malware.

WannaCrypt ransomware worm targets out-of-date systems.

I have to admit, originally I wanted to write about a meeting with some Awesome individuals who took time sharing their experience as a  Freelancer and Work@home Professionals.  I felt this is more important to talk about. I was slightly worried the new menace .Thinking this could   permanently silence my voice and thoughts which I feel I need to share with everyone.

18359469_341056249644973_7914127664771499125_oLast Friday ,May 12, My twin brother invited to meet up with some awesome Freelancers. We left for Ala bang from Quezon City around 6:00 in the morning. The meeting I was told will be around 10:00 in the morning. The venue was held at Starbucks Riverbank in Ala bang,Riverbank Madrigal Techno-park Muntinglupa.  Upon arriving Muntinglupa City . Somehow my twin and I lost our way locating and litterally had to piggy back a ride with some people who were kind enough to bring us to our destination.

Regardless, let me share some of the pictures I took with the group. Let me introduce you to John Pagulayan -3 Core Strategies for having a sought after, highly paid, stress-free freelance business

I was very much interested with two of the noted speakers who joined up and spent the entire morning and afternoon sharing their thoughts, experience and insights about their work as Freelancers.

  • . John R Pagulayan specializes more on helping Freelancers who want to help themselves in upgrading in  positioning skills. Here is an excerpt what he does in helping Freelancers:

How long have you been freelancing?

If you’ve been doing it for quite some time now and your monthly freelance income is still not at the level you want it to be at…

Or if you are making big money but you have to work more than 50 to 60 hours a week to reach six figures…

Then watch the short video below as I share with you my 3 Core Strategies for having a sought after, highly paid, stress-free freelance business. 🙂

P.S. Comment ‘YES’ below to get access to a detailed video explanation of these 3 Core Strategies

John R. Pagulayan

John R. Pagulayan is cooking up an interesting webinar this month. Unfortunately, I understand he mentioned there wont be any replays. There seems to be no perpetual ending excitement  in the life of a Freelancer. Until then , thank you for taking time dropping by.

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