Gosh it’s really.. really slow. I  am referring to the old Dell Laptop I am using. There are three browsers installed in my son’s computer. pablo(1).pngThe Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately,  I decided to use the Mozilla Firefox. I tried using different browsers  perhaps ,due to it’s age, the laptop starts to hang and freeze. What would you expect for a decade old laptop?

Last Night I watched an old family Video CD  that was taken  eighteen years ago. My daughter was  less than a year old ,while my son Francis then was only four years old and entering nursery. At that time I recalled we were using old computers like a 80286 and a 386DX . I used the computers to teach my son how to read and write  as well as play chess which turned out to be a breeze for him. Nope the Internet was not yet introduced to me at that time. Though the Internet in the Philippines started around March 29,1994.

My mother was  70 years old back in 1999. She was strong, energetic and full aposof life. Like most mothers she did everything to help her children in her simple and modest humble way . I recall  one time my son had to be rushed to the hospital because he was having some problems breathing. He was diagnosed  developing primary complex -an entry point for kids his age.  I remember the doctor said there was a possibility of developing asthma. I was a single parent at that time and remember I had received my 13th month pay check. This had to cover the medical and hospital expenses.

I appreciate how she nurtured and took care of my son while I was away at work. There were many times I recall I was heartbroken when I  heard my son crying each time I assigned to other far away places . It seems my son  was fast growing up.

Somehow I appreciate how my mom took her time, patience and effort teaching my son Francis how to speak in english. At an early age, Francis was stubborn and would rather answer in Tagalog.

Major  Computers Events in 1999

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show becomes the first major webcast on the Internet attracting over 1.5 million visitors on February 5, 1999.

The Melissa virus, created by David Smith, begins infecting computers March 26, 1999 and quickly spreads around the globe over e-mail in hours. The virus becomes one of the fastest spreading viruses in history and causes an estimated $80 million in damage.

Pyra Labs launches the Internet service Blogger on August 23, 1999.

IEEE introduced 802.11b in September 1999 that also introduced WEP.

RIAA sues Napster December 7, 1999.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com is named Time Person of the Year December 27, 1999.

Reference:Computer Hope

Time seems to be an element we all somehow have taken for granted. I recall a friend telling me that time is a measurement how you see your child grow up. I like to  add time is  a measurement on how you should spend with your mother . She goes all out of her way to help and make everyone one happy ,even to the extent of sacrificing her happiness just for the sake of her own family.

During the past eighteen years, my mom   experienced watching my Dad undergo a triple-heart-bypass. I know the emotional pain she went through. A year later,she suffered a bad fall which shattered her right hip bone.This incident  made her slowly  deteriorate. 13346197_1298734093490109_205158202794983749_oWhat made it worst was in 2016, she suffered another fall which this time  fractured her right thigh bone to three places.

Our family decided my mom  undergo an evasive procedure.We had to consider this would be detrimental especially  because of her age. This incident triggered and aggravated her physical and mental condition . This time mom started experiencing dementia, my twin brother told me that it really hurts to see your mother deteriorate and fade in front of you.

I guess that is life. A never-ending cycle we live in. There are always new things , new experience, and new developments. As we live , we must also expect a possible degradation of an older family member. I guess this is the process every family undergoes through  life.giphy

In my little way I would like to dedicate this short blog to all the mothers out there. Thank you for all your love , wisdom, unwavering sacrifice,sharing your time, effort and patience for your family.

With all our love, thoughts , prayers. There is nothing more precious than giving our time, love and dedication.

Happy Mothers Day Everyone.

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