“Yoo ho hooo , A pirate’s life for me….” Nope I’m not writing about the Black Pearl .Nor am I writing about the Pirates of the Caribbean-The Movie. On the contrary, this is the best time for me to sit down,pause, and write in a cloudy humid hot Monday early afternoon.

My sister arrived a week ago for a short vacation, she accompanied my dad to  the Mall, so she could buy and bring  back a couple of pasalubongs or souvenirs for  friends when she heads back to New Jersey U.S.A. I had a nice chat with her, how her life goes in the States- working as an Editor and freelancer for a Digital Publication in New York. Hopefully,in the future I would feature her in one of my articles.

I had to step out for a while ,to check out the new caregiver .Advising her to call me in case she needed anything forgiphy my mother’s needs.

Our two kasambahay or househelp, stepped out for a while  run a few errands .Finally I had to be sure  “Kisses”, my son’s chocolate brown look-a-like teddy bear and Aleutian husky ,is in a cool cozy ,comfortable, and shaded area.

Here I am finally, at my son’s room, pillaging and deep in my thoughts writing about what it is like in a typical Nomad’s venture and adventure. Scheming  the depth of the treasured chest of my inner ideas , checking on itineraries and working on tasks I have  set for the entire week. So here goes…

Every Monday, I make it a point listening to a radio program.  I was planning to drop by at Makati City  to follow up with my last pay from a Business Process Outsource (BPO) company. Unfortunately, I had to set it aside instead I decided to attend to pressing priorities and errands at home.

It’s the second week of May, I was hoping the it would start raining just soon as we enter a new month. This  would be  refreshing a dire escape from the hot dreary summer inferno we experienced last April. It was comforting to see the once brown burnt leaves and fern that were seared by the summer heat , this time little by little turn bright green.

Every Monday I listen  to a local program called “The Bloggers Hour“, It is a regular radio program scheduled every Monday at 11:00 A.M. You can visit DWDD 1134 KATROPA RADIO at dwdd.com.ph or you can listen live streaming  at http://www.dwdd.com.ph. You may check them out at   “The Bloggers Hour” at their  Facebook Page The Bloggers Hour .

Last month they covered the following interesting Topics:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Bloggers -Alwin Aguirre
  • When Kids go Video Blogging Kids and Video Blogging
  • Intellectual Property for Bloggers  -Attorney Louie Calvario

I found the talks interesting and informative.  Making sure I made some notes and drafted out some questions on areas I need to privately message or send an email to the hosts on topics I need to clarify. In my little way I decided to help promote my mentor Ms. Rochefele Rivera who shall conduct a seminar in Angeles Pampanga this coming latter part of May. It is a roadshow for aspiring Professional Virtual Assistant or for people who want to enter the world of a Freelancer.

Working at home or working as a Freelancer is a MINDSET.  I informed my brother who work as a  dentist, it’s a different world. My twin brother  tried to work in a call center.  He told me he wanted to work in a lush conducive air-conditioned but competitive stressful environment.  Fortunately? or Unfortunately, he did not pass the initial phase and training. He was asked to leave and try else where.

I gave him some brotherly advise, informing him what a freelancer life is like. I told him he is actually working as a freelancer. Considering he hold a clinic at home , perhaps he can concentrate on starting out on an online site which entails more on Health, Medical and Dental care  for senior citizens.  I was not happy when he informed me he wanted to do it his way. He encountered an accident which left him wounded and limping . A scar which I hope will not tarnish his desire to pursue a career in the Call Center Industry. I just hope and pray he chooses the right path where he could be happy and content.

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You are CONFINED only at the WALLS  you BUILD Yourself


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