Finally, it’s the month of May. We experienced a few thunder storms just before April ended.We had a couple of visitors for the ASEAN meet last week. Besides a couple of rallies we experienced each May 1. Well for once , Manila celebrated Labor Day quietly.

There were challenges I encountered these past  days. A week ago, my computer’spablo (30) hard disk crashed,leaving me in a quandary on what course of action I need to take. I was playing around with the idea ;or thinking aloud of going back to the  Business Process Outsource (BPO) Industry. I figured  to sustain me to cover my expenses . Or  rely on different source alternative to earn money online.

I could  attempt to work and personally fix my computer.  So here I am using my son’s old Dell Laptop writing down my thoughts and layout what alternative actions to take.

I was  motivated when I read stories of   ordinary people despite their humble beginnings they  overcame the challenges and obstacles in their lives.


A month ago, I wrote a story of Unforgettable Frank Capra. I was very much impressed by the humble beginning of the multi-Oscar award director and writer especially his fond Frank Capraand love for people. It wasn’t until I started digging up a book about one of his actors.

Specifically ,I am referring to James Stewart. Old folks and Hollywood nostalgic would remember James Stewart as a nice guy who came out in movies such as “Harvey”,“The Glenn Miller Story”.”The Spirit of St Luis”,”Mr. Smith goes to Washington“,and “A wonderful Life“.  Only a few would recall James Stewart as a World War II hero.

December 7,1941 was a day of infamy when Imperial forces of Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. More than 2000 or more American civilians and servicemen where killed.  James decided it was his patriotic duty to heed the call. He applied and was subsequently drafted for Military Service.

The bigwig from Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Studios Incorporated or MGM for short, were not  happy with the actor’s decision . Meyer tried to dissuade James, instead persuading James  to make movies  to help in the war effort.  This did not deter James Stewart in his decision.

He is the only actor I know who actively participated in the European Theater of War (ETO), He first started as a private. James Stewart rose from the ranks and steadily climbed till he was honorary discharged as a Colonel .

The last rank James Stewart  held was a One-Star General for the United States Air force. I was highly impressed with the actor and war hero’s humble  modesty ,his coolness under fire  and patience considering the enormous deadly stressful situations he underwent. Not once did he pull ranks or strings during his military career in World War II.

Jimmy Stewart, Bomber Pilot chronicles his long journey to become a bomber pilot in combat. Author Starr Smith, the intelligence officer assigned to the movie star, recounts how Stewart’s first battles were with the Air Corps high command, who insisted on keeping the naturally talented pilot out of harm’s way as an instructor pilot for B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators. By 1944, however, Stewart managed to get assigned to a Liberator squadron that was deploying to England to join the mighty Eighth Air Force. Once in the thick of it, he rose to command his own squadron and flew twenty combat missions, including one to Berlin.
—Kelly Stewart Harcourt, daughter of Jimmy Stewart
Amazon Kindle Edition

200w_d (7)

Choi Young-Eui -He was born in Gimje, South Korea.This was in the Japanese occupation,and in an early age he was sent to Manchuria to live with an aunt. Choi Young-Eui studied Chinese Martial Arts.In March 1938 he moved to Japan and changed his name to Matsutasu Oyama.

Matsutatsu Oyama  means (大山 倍達), which is a transliteration of ‘Baedal’ (倍達). ‘Baedal’ was an ancient Korean kingdom known in Japan during Oyama’s time as “Ancient Joseon“.

It was after the war when Matsutatsu Oyama gained prominence. There was an incident when he figured in a brawl in one bar. giphyHis opponent pulled out a knife to trust aiming at the torso of Matsutatsu Oyama.  He sidestepped avoiding the blow, parried the hand and executed a reverse punch to the head of his assailant. Witnesses reported as soon as the punch hit the face of the opponent there was sickening sound as  if breaking bones or squashing a watermelon. His opponent never knew what hit him. The knife holder  dropped dead  even before he hit the floor.

Masoyama moment of realization started when he started having nightmares of the Widow of a gang member he killed. He resolved to no longer get into trouble and spent time developing his art. Matsutatsu Oyama is the father of  Kyokushin Karate, considered the first and most influential style of full contact karate.

The Moment of Realization is a process that will either make or break an individual. It is a process everyone undergoes at a certain stage in their lives.

Until then, Vaya Con Dios everyone…

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