5 Tips for Negotiating a High Price as a Freelancer

Alexis Chateau

For many freelancers, the most nerve-racking aspect of the job isn’t the job itself, but negotiating fees with clients. Many fear the possibility of rejection if they aim too high. But then, aim too low, and they risk losing money to clients who can afford to pay much more for their services.

Freelancing covers countless roles, spanning several industries, but above all things: freelancing is a job. Like everyone else, freelancers have bills to pay, and dreams to save up for.

And in order to fulfil these obligations, freelancers must first command a high enough price. But how?

1. Highlight your Strengths

Talking about money with a client is inevitable. But before you get there, steer the conversation in the direction of your strengths. Let your client know what you bring to the table – and therefore what they stand to lose if they pass the project on to someone else.

If you apply…

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Sharing MiddleMe.

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