The Second Kindle Keyboard


It’s  surprisingly cool and cloudy, a welcome respite for everyone especially from the weekly hot inferno sunny summer days we have been experiencing.

 I like to thank everyone who enjoyed reading my first article about my giphy (12)Amazon Kindle Keyboard. I used other ebook readers such as the Nook from Barnes and Noble and a local ebook reader from a local bookstore in Manila. Until today I don’t think I would ever change my mind and will forever stick it out with the Amazon kindle.

We have three different Amazon Kindle at home. Two of which are the classic Amazon Kindle Keyboard and the other is an Amazon Kindle Fire. We are expecting the latest kindle reader to arrive this Friday. I plan to write a review of the new Kindle ebook reader as soon as it get’s here.

A month ago before the start of the Holy Week, my dad called me to his study. He handed me over his old Amazon Keyboard.  I know how much he loved it considering he has been using the device for the past several years.  Without asking out or finding his reason why he was giving it up, I accepted his old kindle. The kindle was enclosed inside a box of an Amazon Kindle Fire and an Amazon USB charger. Yipee, so I thought…

I brought the old kindle keyboard to my room and started checking on it. No wonder my Dad handed over the device. The once fully power charged kindle keyboard easily drains and easily depletes. I noticed this happens each time I place the device beside any electronic component.

Last night I left the kindle at corner the table just near my bed.  The device power charged stopped draining.I connected the kindle keyboard to my Gateway Netbook. I used the Amazon USB and connected one end of the cord to my computer.And the other smaller USB port to the Amazon Kindle Keyboard.

The power indicator is still color yellow, this only means that the device is not sufficiently charged. From time to time I need to adjust the chord that is connected to the kindle. Just to be sure that the kindle is being properly charged.  I   wanted to be dead sure  I will power charge the device for four hours.

Here are the usual issues I see and encountered with the Kindle Keyboard:

  • White Screen
  • Black Screen
  • Horizontal or Vertical Lines
  • Kindle keyboard flickers
  • Kindle keyboard Hangs
  • One-Half of the Screen is Blank and the other portion is color black.

Contact Amazon constantly check on new updates for the firmware or contact Amazon Kindle Support.


The newly acquired kindle keyboard was not amply charged. I used the kindle the entire afternoon and found out the kindle still intermittently turns off and on. I believe I had the same experience with the first  Kindle but I found out the last time my dad used the kindle he was encountering similar issues with the device. I am not discounting the possibility that the battery might be the issue. I finally fully charged the second kindle. It still flickers on and off. I find this discouraging as in the immortal words of Bruce Willis movie “Armageddon” , It’s a dead stick.

I went through the collection and books of my father.Love his collection, most of the books he collected are from  Ken Follett, Ian Flemming, Cornelius Ryan, James Stewart story as a World War II hero and other World War II stories. He later asked me how to get his old ebooks to the new kindle device, I advised him not to worry. As soon as his new kindle arrives, all he can do is register his new kindle to his Amazon Account.

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