Travails and Ventures of a Freelancer/Work@home

I was checking on  my notes and personal assignment for the week. The hours passed as I  was working on  a design for graphic arts. At the same time, I was writing  my itinerary and brain  storming on some topics using Trello.

Everything seemed fine, until a message showed up from my screen -your operating system has detected an error. “Back up your files, hard-disk crash is imminent”.  Before this happened I noticed that the light of my Hard disk was normally flashing intermittently. At a certain stage the light was freezing.  Well, this is the beginning.

A normal freelance  novice would crumple under such circumstance and simply pull out his hair and scream in anguish.

This actually happened last Thursday,while  preparing for a schedule webinar. I looked slightly irked. It’s a good thing I provided a  contingency  in case unforeseen situation like this occurred. I parked my old workhorse and continued writing on my planner and workbook. The following day I asked my son if I could use the old Dell Sempron to work on my materials.

I am reminded of an old television series I loved to follow way back in the Sixties It was a speech given by William Shatner of Startrek  fame each time an episode begins.

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

-Star Trek

These  words   made an impact in my mind.Somehow this summarizes how  I feel about a life of a freelancer or working at home. Each day is an adventure, new things to learn , important skills to enhance and develop. New people to meet and learn from.

Freelancing and Work At Home

 There were only a handful of Filipinos who ventured into Freelancing . 10682329_947788581917997_1860127862491249799_oMost I saw expounding about Freelancing were Caucasians. Majority   from the United States and some where from Europe and a few from Australia.

The first time I heard about  WORK AT HOME PINAS  was in the summer of 2013. It was not after a year later when I attended a free seminar.

The seminar was conducted by a roster of power pack and energetic speakers :

  • Ron Oriel Darunday Villagonzalo Owner of Work@HomePInas
  • Raffy Pekson II Business Owner of Workxpresso
  • Hanna Abello Hootsuite Ambassador and Freelancer
  • and Gian Viterbo  is Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of

Mr. Ron Oriel Darunday Villagonzalo was the first to speak,He provided a comprehensive talk about the world of a Freelancer. Beginning how he started out and sharing his experience and knowledge to the group.

Freelancing has been around for years. But what is Freelancing? It is any task or job that can be done at your spare time to earn additional income. It is a skill that is needed in order to accomplish a certain job or task.

It first starts out as a hobby, something that an individual is passionate about and is inclined to provide a  service, a task or a temporary job to help people who are identified as clients.

 Here are some  that provide training for Freelancers or Work@Home.

  • Professional Virtual Assistant Contact Rochefele Rivera Aspiring Author,Trainer,Owner,Professional VA’s -Your Virtual Assistant Partner.
  • Work from Home Roadmap. Contact Jason Dulay Helping Filipino Freelancers become World Class through education and job matching

  • Digital Filipino Contact Ms. Janet Toral is an e-commerce advocate in the Philippines. She is the site owner of

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