iSEARCHko was conceived to address specific pain points of startup enterprises, growth pain points for existing SME’s and survival pain pointsgiphy-downsized for Small-Medium Enterprise in our country.

  • Providing FREE internet AD POSTING thru our classified ad website in order to equip and enhance their capacity to do business in this fast paced world.
  • Providing and accelerating their capacity to connect to the business world and re-enforcing their capacity to compete for all for FREE.

Belonging to the SME business classification ourselves, we experienced the same challenges for quite a long time before waking up from our trance-like state of “can’t do anything about its state”, and then the great awakening! Our passion and survival instinct was put to test! We were forced to put up our own FREE Classified AD site that would also be made accessible and available to other SME’s, hoping to relieve SME start-up and SME survivors of the internet marketing horrors brought by budgetary constraint.

Our organization wants to inspire SME owners to hold on to their dreams of making big one day and press on to whatever businesses they pablo (19).pngare on and be encouraged by success stories of big companies that started small that never look back!

Hewlett-Packard which started in a garage like Apple and Dell and local business wonders heroes like the Sy’s and the Gokongwei’s to name a few. We are here to help for FREE! So no more excuses of not able to post one’s merchandise or expertise because of limited resources!


iSEARCHko aims to help improve SME’s business environment by equipping and enhancing their capacity to do business in today’s fast paced world. Providing and accelerating their capacity to connect to the business world and re-enforcing their capacity to compete for FREE.


We envision to be transformed as the best alternative classified ads site thru our mutual partnership with all SME advertisers. Experienced and competent in understanding all advertising and posting challenges and able to join hands and rejoice with them in their personal gains and business successes.


For Additional Information Contact:

MO3-A DMG Center, 52 Domingo Guevarra Street,
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


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pablo (20)

Hi Everyone,

I received a call early Friday morning from an old college buddy. Jonathan requested I help him promote a new site. The last time I handled line ads was for Manila Times Newspaper. This was way back in 1986, just after the Presidential Snap Elections between Ferdinand Edralin Marcos and Corazon Cujuanco Aquino.

Originally, I wanted a different approach and perspective for iSEARCHko. But somehow I  decided to use the original materials of the site as a reference. I have checked out the site. Looks pretty cool and I like their quick response.

 Looking forward to hearing any feedback.

Daddy Felix

9 thoughts on “Attention: Small Medium Enterprise Check out…

    • Nice to hear from you.A friend called me up to help him promote his site.I believe he and his company wants to concentrate on SME. Its free I believe there are options for PPC .Check it out I can ask my friend to contact you if you want.All the best.


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