Wondering Thoughts 4.12.2017-Holy Week

Holy Wednesday- Temperatures hitting almost 40′ Celsius, hot humid winds brewing from the horizon.Flocks of a variety of fowl perhaps sparrows darting from one tree to another, seeking temporary refuge from the intense heat of the sun.  Officially summer has been declared by PAGASA. Just the right timing for the annual holy week which began last Palm Sunday.pablo (30)

Most practicing Roman Catholics reflect and meditate on the suffering, life, and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each year Filipino Roman Catholics celebrate Holy Week. God sacrificed his own begotten son.  Jesus died for our sins, it is only through death,  and after three days he rose from the dead.

It is only through his death, Jesus showed his love and sacrifice for all mankind. So we can be re-born and enter the kingdom of our Almighty God.

Holy week is the hottest season of the year. It is the time of solemnity and reflection for the Filipino Roman Catholics. To the young, it is the time to take a break from school or experience a time of summer vacation. To the youth a summer adventure and renewing family ties.

The month of April is significant to the Filipinos. We commemorate  Araw ng Kagitinggan every April 9. Filipinos remember the infamous day April 11, 1942. This is the Fall of Bataan. Many Filipinos and American soldier fought and sacrificed their lives in a battle against the Imperial Japanese aggressors.

What is your significant day? What is your most significant month?Besides your birthday? It is the moment of realization of a new beginning in one’s life.

For Freelancers or Work At Home. It is either the time for General House-Keeping, looking for projects, update on blogs or administrative activities.  For me, this is the best time to check out the system and work on improvements, especially for ease and functionality.

 Lately, I encountered some issues in customizing or personalizing the menu.  I will share and document what I find, WordPress provided the following information on how to customize the menu.

How to Customize menu in WordPress?

To get started creating a custom menu, log in to your WordPress site and click to expand the Appearance menu on the left side of the WordPress Dashboard. 2. Click on the Menus link in the Appearance menu. You’ll now see the Menus editor page.

There are a couple of challenges with the Harmonic Theme. There are instances I see the option to work on editing the menu and adding a new page.  There are also instances when the option is not available. I guess I’ll  have to read through the specifics of the Hamonic Theme so I could get a hang and maximize the full functionality of the theme. I know it is important  to develop my skill-set in WordPress.

Drink lots of water, stay cool and take this opportunity to greet everyone Happy Easter!

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