The World of Daddy Felix

Republic Act 6741 shall be known at Quezon City Day.Every August 19 will be declared a special non working holiday in Quezon City, provinces of Quezon and Aurora while a special working holiday is declared through out the Philippines It commemorates the birth of former President Manuel L. Quezon. It was declared by the late former President CORAZON C.AQUINO on August 4,1989.

I can not think of no other  better day to proudly introduce Sifu Jamie Cortez  to the First President of the Commonwealth . Sifu Jamie Cortez was born in the Philippines and raised   in the United Kingdom most of his life.

Mr. Ronni Grunwald meanwhile is a German national who frequently goes to Quezon Circle to practise the art of Wing Chun with our group.

There are a number of things you can do at Quezon Circle. Besides frolicking at the park. Watching  lovers holding  hands, and family spending…

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