The World of Daddy Felix

Coconut House is located inside Quezon Memorial Circle. A friend of mine asked me to meet up with him. I was half an hour early so I decided to order a cup of coffee. The first thing I noticed when I tasted their coffee I told myself…hmmm good .

Deep and sighing “Ahhhn…Masarap”, I later asked for sugar and was served instead with  coconut sugar which are packed  in tiny brown sachets . I learned later from friends and family coconut sugar is a healthier alternative.

My friend Sifu Jamie Cortez of Wingchun finally arrived ,though a Filipino at birth he grew up practically in London. The first thing he asked me  curiously was about the scribbles he saw written on the walls of Coconut House. I explained  it is called Filipino Baybayin or Ancient Tagalog scripts of pre-colonial Philippines.

As the afternoon passed  I began scanning around the walls of…

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