Kindle Keyboard Love Affair

White streak of lines showing up in the  kindle keyboard. There are times the screen turns black. Time to contact Amazon kindle support.  Three years ago, I worked  in a Call Center as support for Kindle Keyboard. Receiving calls to troubleshoot concerns such as these.

I inherited a keyboard from my mother five year ago. Confident that I will take care of the keyboard which to me is priceless.  After some time I forgot and left it at the nook of my room.

Last January ,I decided to pick up where I left off and attempted  to switch on my Kindle keyboard. I picked up the devise than cleaned up my  Amazon Keyboard . I picked up a blue anti dust rag which I bought from a local convenience store. Finally charged up the kindle for four hours.

I noticed that the light turned green. I switched on the keyboard after checking it has been fully charged .Slowly slid the button at the bottom of my kindle. To my horror the first thing I noticed while it turned on white streaks of horizontal lines appeared at times black  streak of lines showed up.

During my stint as kindle support we where told to reset the kindle by turning it off for forty seconds and switching it on. I was having the same issue as my clients had . Desperate I decided to contact Kindle support for assistance. For hours  the agent from kindle support assisted me to fix the problem.  At the end  the agent threw in the towel and informed me I need to turn in my kindle and get a new one.

So I thought….

Igiphy (10).gif decided to work on my kindle one more time. A week after I spoke to an agent something inside me made me decide to recharge the kindle. I decided to charge the kindle for another 4 to 5 hours.This time using the original Kindle USB of my Dad. Originally I was using a Samsung USB chord which I bought from a Cellphone kiosk department store.

While the Kindle is being charged I slowly adjusted the connection of the USB. Occasionally checking the progress of the power charger. Lo and behold it’s back I am using my old kindle kindle keyboard,What is the Verdict?

Get in touch with Amazon kindle Support. If all fails examine what went  wrong I only found out later that my kindle was not amply charged. Thanks to the training  and assistance of Kindle Support I was able to read my favorite books once again.

The Amazon Kindle Keyboard is an excellent ebook reader. I have had it for years, cherished it
when my mom gave it to me.

The kindle keyboard is primarily used as an e-book reader for kindle books. There are different way’s how to use the kindle keyboard. Some would use the kindle keyboard to browse the internet. Other’s would save mp3 to play their favorite music. I agree, you can utilize the keyboard in other ways.

The Amazon Kindle keyboard has been around since July 28,2010. Though a Third Generation Kindle, it has surpassed my expectation in terms of use and functionality .When I went to Zambales in March 24,2017 , my kindle keyboard was fully charged. It finally drained after almost a month or three weeks of constant use.

I always say that  if you want to make a devise last, it would be best not to regularly go beyond it’s potential. Somehow this has proven in some gadgets and devise I have used.

Here is a list of  gadgets and device which I use and lasted more than five years.This has been proven : ATT Black Berry 9700 Curve, Kodak Camera EasyShare DX6490 and Gateway Notebook. My Samsung Wi-Fi 5.0 only lasted for almost three years. I brought it to a Samsung kiosk, the Samsung Customer Service informed me I practically had the Samsung 5.0 motherboard literally fried. Serves me right.

I guess it really would depend on the owner how he uses such device.

giphy (12).gif

Different Amazon Kindle Device and Generation

The Amazon Kindle Keyboard (Product Description)

The Kindle Keyboard is 0.5 inches shorter and 0.5 inches narrower than the Kindle 2. It supports additional fonts and international Unicode characters and has a Voice Guide feature with spoken menu navigation. Experimental features include a browser based on the popular WebKit rendering engine (but browser may be limited to 50MB of 3G per month to websites other than Amazon and Wikipedia in territories outside the United States),[44]Text-to-Speech that can read aloud the text from books and other content, and an MP3 player. Internal memory is expanded to 4 GB, with approximately 3 GB available for user content. Battery life is advertised at up to two months of reading half an hour a day with the wireless turned off, which amounts to roughly 30 hours.

Reference: Amazon and Wikipedia

Love your Amazon Keyboard, and take care of the device. There are different ways to fix things. People are stressed out because of SITUATIONS  and CONDITIONS.

Who am I?

I  worked in a Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Call Center for Several Years. Handling eBay Trust and Safety, Amazon General Support, Amazon Kindle Support, Amazon MP3 and Amazon Seller Support. Now aspiring Blogger, Social Media and Business Owner.


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