Daily Changes

Have you noticed anything new in the Daddy Felix Website?  I decided to create sub-level pages. It seems each time I create a new page the WordPress logo props up. Adding a notch at the upper left corner of the web-site.

I was researching on additional information. One blogger suggested to check out 4 Misconception About WordPress… I know you will find this article interesting.

The trial and error process to me is fruitful and at certain point stressful and exasperating. Pushing WordPress.com and themes to their maximum gives me a certain  degree of gratification and fulfillment.

I just woke up, besides checking out Social Media on my activities . I  am working on a couple of websites, writing articles and blogs. It’s high time to check on my itinerary and start kicking my ass and work on my priorities and assignments.

There are three places I go to when I work on my site. The first is in Angeles Pampanga, the second is my own home in Quezon City and the the200w_d (8)

The difference is that the proximity is accessible to the public and Dunkin Donut is beside Sogo Hotel. This is the place that give me ample and Free access to Wifi.We have a saying it’s time to Check-in and not Log-in to the Sogo hotspot.

Regardless, wherever you are. As long as you have a good -laptop,tablet or an android device. As long as you can call , research and communicate with a client.It is important to have a good hotspot that would help you on meeting your objective or the task you need to accomplish.

Freelancer and Entrepreneur

giphy.pngMy quest as a Digital Nomad does not stop here. Originally I thought this is only confined to individuals who engage as Virtual Assistant Professional.  I encountered some interesting people who work as Freelancers. Going back to Dunkin Donut in Pantranco, I met people who retired from their previous occupation.

Some were former Salesmen from companies such as Hyundai, Ford,Toyota, and Isuzu car and accessories companies Other’s were none-life Insurance agents.

There are businessman, a former judge while the last one sell office supplies and equipment.  They all have one common denominator, working as a freelancer. No matter what you specialize on, regardless whether you are into Sales/Marketing, Event-Coordinator , Multi-level-marketing(MLM) or a Subject Matter Expert(SME). As long as you have the tools to communicate, to make a call , negotiate with the client, contact ,Seal the deal and deliver.


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