My Experience in Social Media Detox

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Can You Relate?

200w_d (9)I usually  see people hanging on with their nose sticking to their android phones as if it meant more than life and death.Common scene when taking  a ride to  the Metro Rail Transit in Manila

Really a  sad  picture  now a days even at the simplest family or social gatherings instead of mingling  with people and talking.

People are always attached to their devices, instead of enjoying,and appreciating what   what is in front of them. My sibling was right when she blurted out, this is an anti-social attitude.

Step out of the digital realm and take a breather, this is what I did almost a week ago.

Besides Botolan Zambales ,the place we went , experienced an outrageous  twelve hour outage.

Somehow   relieved , this gave me the opportunity  to   catch up with my reading on some  of my favorite   books and e books . Finally I took time writing down notes and jotting down ideas on activities I needed to work on.

Get Out and Contact old Friends

A month before going to Zambales   I was appointed by my UE Martial Art’s Club  buddies to  contact some  old friends and former college buddies. We have not seen each other for almost thirty years.

We had three buddies who simultaneously arrived from Italy, Australia and Dubai.  Our host graciously  lent his home in Marikina. He  was not present but remotely monitored the party while working somewhere in Saudi.

Some came as far as Baguio, others came from Infanta Quezon and brought some old good tuba,  a few came from San Pablo Laguna.

I obliged but I  was surprised some of them  deactivated their Facebook accounts. I tried contacting them through Facebook, Twitter, google plus and even tried sending some Personal Messages.

I opted contacting and leaving messages by email. Finally the last straw, the old way is to send some text messages and calling.

All I got after trying the last option, I finally got an answer…

“The number you dialed is no longer in service.  Note taken so ,Rest In Peace….

Do not feel bad  if you find a   friend or  any member from the family  for any reason out of the blue decide’s to deactivate  their Social Media  account.It’s really nothing personal.

It’s either they are plain too busy, just  try to understand and respect their decision and their privacy. 

The Need for Social Detoxification 

Social Media is  great,  especially for the Millennials .Everything has to be done in an instant. Time seems to be an element which they (The Millennials ) cannot seem to afford to loose.  I was checking on some new updates on Facebook especially about the Security and Log-in. While browsing I came across :Facebook Update Deals with Fake News Problem. This has been a favorite subject and has been hounding the headlines.

200w_d (12).gifAs a general rule, I do not waste my time on sensationalize news postings.  I make it a point  to double check the materials and reference.   Perhaps what is best is just to concentrate on a task you are working on. Plain and simple just  ignore the material unless it really concerns you personally.

There are other negative aspects of the Social media. I  experienced and saw  some people being used as  commodity .It is really  sad  hearing stories of  exploitation   and  abuse. Sometimes I feel it tears my gut reading postings about people as a source of entertainment and ridicule ,instead of being treated as people with feelings and as human beings . Some people and certain companies treat  people  as commodities ,tossed away after they have served their purpose.

 Different ways to detox without closing your account.

Check out:


 There are the pros and cons of using Social Media. It’s how you use it as a tool to help  people . It is a matter on how you perceive Social Media, plainly it serves it’s purpose and bluntly it’s a venue, a tool  to send your message to the world.

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