Weekend Break from the Internet and Social Media(2017)


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Botolan Zambales is a two hours and fifty-five(146.4 Km)  minute long trip by  private car if you drive to choosing the Olongapo Bugallon Road.

Or another option is to take the Clark Expressway,  it would take   2 h 28 min (143.0 km) via North Luzon W Expressway Olongapo  Bugallon Road.

It’s the time of the year when the Salvador Clan heads for Botolan Zambales It’s a Friday morning, March 24,201 the Salvador caravan planned to leave around 4:00 in the morning . There was a delay this was later moved to 4:30, we got word from Kuya Jake and Kuya Levi to meet up at Clark  Petron Station in  Clark Airbase Special Economic Zone.To  gas up all cars,last minute vehicle checkup and check on last minute needed provision

I brought my old digital kodak camera, kindle keyboard, a 2017 planner, an old Blackberry 17547101_1598742563489259_3515459596508291653_o9700 , cloud-phone and a book to keep me busy the entire weekend.My daughter, Mikaela, and some of the kids who accompanied the caravan were equally excited to see the old Ricky Saradpon Resort and head for the cool soothing waters at  the beach .

Ricky Saradpon Resort is  filled with large planted InDIAN mango trees, pine trees, and colorful flowers mostly bougainvillea.They were bountiful and abundant with other fruit trees and freshly farmed vegetables coming from markets. Occasionally coming from places such as the Banana Farm Botolan Zambales.I suggest you can also check out Things you can do in Botolan.

Botolan is a municipality in the province of Zambales in the Philippines. The town was founded by SpanishGovernor-GeneralJuan de Salcedo in 1572. Botolan has the largest land area of the municipalities in Zambales. Located just south of the provincial capital of Iba, Botolan is known for its larger Aeta population, wide gray sand beaches, and as the location of Mount Pinatubo. – Wikipedia

I was  not surprised when a local newspaper  came out stating … Pagasa says it’s not summer yet .

Somehow , I had a hunch  that there is a high probability of a an unscheduled electric interruption. This Summer 2017, I hope this will not happen in the next following week.

A fews days ago I saw Meralco announce on a possibility of a rotational scheduled brown out in certain areas in Metro Manila.

Un vaso de agua por favor

The Salvador caravan  finally arrived in Botolan Zambales between 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning.

Some how after finding a cool spot.Our family settled down ,choosing  their spots, arranging their own  customized bamboo wooden framed  beds to bunk on for the weekend.

Everyone was  tired from the long exhaustive trip. I   found myself  drifting  fast to sleep.For some strange reason my mind started  playing  tricks on me.
I found myself    lying down on a makeshift hammock . My face covered with   a large  sombrero and a costume  from the pre-spanish colonial period .  I  overheard a Spanish Guardia Civil  blurt out:
Un vaso de agua por favor“- A glass of water please.While tapping and shaking my right leg.

I  roused from my slumber,felt slightly irked . Instead I  saw Cel , my wife smiling and laughing, handing me a glass of water.I felt small droplets of perspiration pouring from my forehead and felt my back drenched with salty sweat. I picked up a towel wiping my face and back. I cleared my eyes and carefully adjusted my eye glasses.
I saw Kuya Badong talking to Mang Miguel. Kuya Buddy asked  about the condition of the  deep well pump.

The iron pump has not been operating for almost a year exclaimed  Mang Miguel. He advised he never got the deep well operating ever since his uncle Ricky Saradpon passed away.

Kuya Badong was still limping, he recovered from a slight stroke. Buddy proceeded towards the Water iron pump. He poured his entire weight at the handle and started pumping the old deep well . “I can hear the water pressure ” .

Buddy called out  Luis, his nephew  to continue the same procedure. Mang Miguel was astonished to see the deep well gushing with cool sweet water . Pleasing and making everyone happy.

Summer heat drains  and saps away your strength.Somehow the sun seem to block away the oxygen in the  brain. At times there are moments you feel lethargic. Medical experts suggest drinking  as much as eight to ten glasses of water each day. The doctors suggests to  keep away from the sun especially between 12noon to 3:45pm where the sun is it’s highest point of the day.

Becoming productive  even with out any source of  electricity should not hinder yourself . It is important to plan and lay out your activities especially on  tasks you  need to accomplish.I went through my planner scribble down  ideas and activities I  need to pursue. Somehow writing and blogging seems ,to me beats watching  television

I   enjoy catching up my reading with the Kindle Keyboard.  I  read four books which are:

  • Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes by Direk Slater
  • Facebook Log-out Experience by  Ivo Quartiroli
  • Houdini – A Life worth reading and
  • finally How to Blog by Aki Libo-on ( On-going book review)

  1. Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes by Direk Slater is a highly recommended book. It gives you ideas on concentrating on a target niche or current readers who follow you. What I love about the ebook is it’s simplicity and directness. Not only in writing, there are other venues you can pursue. There are people who feel uncomfortable in writing, One venue you can pursue is through using Vlogs or short for Virtual Logs.
  2. Facebook Log-out by Ivo Quartiroli. I  deactivated my personal account and concentrated on my business account, blogs and searched ways how to improve my website.
  3. Houdini- A Life worth Reading. One of the most enigmatic and controversial individuals in the past century. Despite his humble beginnings , Harry Houdini  grew as a Magician, Writer and Individual . Surpassing and daily improving and perfecting  his art, his vision and magic. Only a few knew during the early days of film making which was at that time in it’s infant stage. Harry Houdini ventured on different venues where he can further promote his craft. The venues I am referring to is Writing and Film Making in the Silent movies.

Check out the books Harry Houdini wrote :Books by Harry Houdini. As for Film

you can visit Youtube or find out his works at Houdini His Life and His Art

All three books are available for Amazon Kindle except for the last one.I included  some  interesting  pictures I know you will enjoy.

Regardless whether you are on a vacation. There are moments when it is  needed to stop and think about what is going in your life. I t would be suggested  to pause, reflect , write, review  and go back to regular activities.

I n this way you will somehow   realize and find out where you stand in life.

Thank you  for taking time  reading this blog.

Vaya Con Dios Everyone!

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