Wing Chun Sifu Jamie Cortez (Updated)

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Here’s a few words from Sifu Jamie Cortez about who he is and his Wing Chun

Sifu Jamie Cortez

Later, I joined a Wing Chun school in London, UK for  2 years under Sifu Benett of the Augustine Fung lineage. As I was still young,  didn’t know much about WC, but I slowly gained understanding of its greatness, the way it focused on the soft and adaptable, not the rigid or hard .

 Then I studied under Sifu Tomor, 17389157_1594237053939810_3106914261705054710_owho taught his own interpretation of WC mixed with Kali influences. I also enjoyed it very much. He was good at conditioning and a very capable fighter, but I felt it strayed from some traditional but effective WC principles, such that even the straight punch was modified.

 Shortly after my time with Sifu Tomor , a friend introduced me to Sifu Dearling from the
Leung Sheung lineage (Yip Man’s first generation students). His sifu was Eddie Yeoh who taught the Wong Shun Leung Way. His teaching elevated my understanding of WC: I had no idea it could be this effective. I felt this way was the most appropriate and made the most sense .

 I then began to realize I wanted to take my studies further.12469564_1195139897182863_4882590055544106227_o I sought out private instruction from a direct student of WSL who was based in London. I studied with him for 4 years, learning the most from him out of all my previous sifus. His WC seemed the most complete to me. His love of WC carried on with me, such that I decided to set up my own private teaching club in Nottingham University. I have done private teachings in London too right up to the day I moved to the Philippines.

I  teach a kind of WC that includes all my understanding and experiences gained and proven to work. Internal Wing Chun, which I’m also so proud to teach, adds my own flavour. I seem to have come across this all by myself, and is a wonderful tool to share. Based on the various fights I had against instructors of other disciplines, WC’s effectiveness surprised me even as it did them.

For more information you can visit Sifu Jamie Cortez and Private Message him at Contact Sifu Jamie Cortez or check him out:

Every Monday and Wednesday, 6:00 PM at Ultimate Fitness Gym Metrowalk, Pasig City

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