The Mind and Passion


pablo (15)Thought patterns are complex. Our actions are based on what we think, feel and do. Our present actions will be based on the decisions we make. Thoughts, Dreams, and Passion seem to go hand-in-hand. The thought patterns we have will make us choose what action to take. The decisions we make will move us towards the action we choose. Every day we are faced with multiple choices.We are faced with multiple challenges. What helps push and fuel our desire would crystalize a dream. The more positive action we take in pursuing a dream. The individual who does this every day will program himself. This will be embedded subconsciously.This now becomes a desire or passion.

Recently I read an inspiring article from the website of ABS-CBN News about Meriam Libongcogon. She hails from Bambalan Cebu, It’s interesting because she worked as a household help for five years. Meriam Libongcogon graduated from the Philippine Military Acadamy. She will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Philippine Navy. The Philippine Military Acadamy is the equivalent to the United States Military Acadamy (USMA), also know as West Point.

I encountered personally four remarkable people who were told to refrain from pursuing their regular activities. Three of them are friends from the University of the East Martial Arts Club. Two of them suffered a massive stroke and the other is a cancer Survivor.

There is also a story of Ms. Jhen Caneta, I met her at Ms. Roche Rivera VA Professionals Webinar. Somehow you will not find anything wrong with her. She can not work in companies nor she could interact normally with other people. Jhen confessed she has regular anxiety attacks and acute panic disorder. Today she works as a Web Designer, Graphics Artist, and Professional Virtual Assistant.She is currently self-employed.

I like to share a personal experience. Way back in the late eighties, I suffered from chronic depression. To make things worst I could not control my facial twitches.At times my entire body twitched, uncontrollably. I  easily  tired, there was one instance I had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. My former classmate and buddy hailed a cab. As soon as I  settled at the back seat. I’m not sure, but the rear axle of the cab just dropped as soon as the cab was in motion.

Butch, my friend blurted out “Brow, you wrecked the cab”. It was in the early 1990’s I finally recovered . Bewildered some of my old doctors somehow, I spoke to one of my neurolgist there was no way I could recover. Only exclaiming , it was a miracle . I was able to work with some corporations. Later, moved to work for a call center for several years.

You can search for numerous inspiring accounts of Men and Women.  Despite insurmountable odds. They overcame obstacles and situations.

Thoughts -“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind. ”   


Dreams-“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.     

Edgar Cayce

Passions-“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

 -Albert Einstein

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3 thoughts on “The Mind and Passion

    • prayers and my son helped me recover. Even my neurologist was surprised. My uncle who is a Doctor from Sanfrancisco coordinated with my Neurologist from St Lukes General hospital and decided to withdraw all the drugs I was taking. By God’s grace I slowly recovered.


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