Wondering Thoughts 3.16.2017

 Ola ! Hi Friends!

Time to pack my bags and head back to Metro Manila. It’s now the middle of March,2017 Ipablo (30) saw drastic  changes this month .After I consolidated  my blogs and categorized them according to specific topics or themes.

In a way this  improved my views  and proportionally increased  followers on my blogs and articles. For newbies, I highly recommend just  concentrate on writing up quality   contents.   It would help you out if you regularly check out the statistics on your WordPress Dashboard.

The Top 5 Categories that had increased views under Daddy Felix are:

  1. Home Page(Archives) 
  2. Trello as An Awesome Tool…
  3. Pulp Fiction and Today’s Digital..
  4. Quid Est Veritas..
  5. Wondering Thoughts

I have decided to use “Wondering Thought’s” as quarterly update on my activities as well what’s going on for Freelancers and Virtual Assistant activities. While checking on my blogs there seems to be some interests on Graphic Art’s followed by Apps and tools that are currently and commonly used by Digital Nomads, Freelancers and Work From Home aficionados. 

I would like to thank my mentor Ms. Roche Rivera of Professional Virtual Assistant for the head’s up for the article  10 Top Business Blogs and Why They Are Successful . This is quite useful and gave me idea’s how to improve my blog site.  For this  I am forever grateful.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves -. Buddha

Seperate Personal and Business FB Accounts IMG00960-20151129-1022

Let me stress the importance of separating Personal and Business Face Book Accounts. I have been checking out on accounts of top   current Freelancers or Filipino Virtual Assistants. Most accounts segregate their Personal Activities and Business Accounts.

I  can not blame some newbies when  they start-off  using their personal Facebook accounts and mix it up with their new business activities. I made the similar mistake, this hampered  my progress and blinded me from  the direction I was looking for.

By the way, I just noticed something new in facebook? When you play any videos of  Youtube. It seem’s a tiny screen pop’s out on the upper left portion of the screen. Just sharing ciao .

That’s all for now. Enjoy your week and stay safe.

Daddy Felix


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