Work at Home or Work at a Call Center?


Received an invitation from a friend to check out iTunes and apply for an email support.

This is for a Customer Support Representative(CSR)for  iTunes email   . No worries my friend assured me. The iTunes account is easy and assured me the account is targeting 50 to 75 agents. Little did I know that there were over 750 ++ applicants vying for the 50 t0 75 slot.

Many are called and only a few are chosen. Regardless whether you are applying for a call center or work at home. The only way to succeed  is the proper preparation and the correct mindset to succeed.

The Call Center Experience


In 2006 I sent my application to different call centers just as my brother would say “To get my feet wet” or to get some experience.  I tried out applying in  different call centers and to no avail  received rejections . Little did I know I kept a journal just to find out what I did wrong and concentrate on my strengths and identify my weaknesses.

Finally was accepted in an account called Whitney for chat support but upon reporting and signing a Job Offer(JO) I was deployed to the Trust and Safety(TnS)Department for email Spoof and Spam.

 Work at Home Experience

There’s a   difference between” Work at Home “and working in a call center  for a Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) outfit.

  • Working in a BPO Industry – Salary and Benefits are received.Confined and restricted to the rules and regulations, Policies and procedures  stipulated by the company or corporation. Fixed working hours set by the company which the employee should comply.
  • Work at home – No Salary and Benefits .Freedom to decide. The income is generated from landing a gig and a job from freelance . Income is generated  depending on the skill set and productivity  of the person or entrepreneur.
  • Structured vs Unstructured Environment

Regardless what your job preference the bottom line is to set the  proper frame of mind or mindset to reach your goal and expectation.

10285812_834724229891100_4419785302398098015_o (1).jpg

We wear different masks each day living every moment. The bottom line would be entirely up to you to decide. The choice is yours.


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