Social Media, Blogging and Martial Arts

It all started two years ago when I decided to set up a  Face book Group called the University of the East Martial Art Club or UEMAC  for short. It  is an organization of students and professionals who  practice different Martial Arts such as Karate, Arnis de mano, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Kempo, Hapkido and others just to name a few.

Originally the main objective of the organization is to get in touch with students who  graduated from the University of the East and who have at one point during their stay at UE  practiced and studied Martial Arts .UEMAC is now on it’s fourth year handled by three Administrators , a handful of contributors and 470 members.

To me Martial Arts is the daily practise to develop your skills in surviving the urban jungle.   In Martial Arts you have to   express and discipline oneself how to survive and how to  apply in your daily life . You need the right mindset  because each day you live  may be a life or death situation for you and your love ones.

Seemingly  this goes also for Social Media and Blogging. Before diving into the nitty gritties  of the digital world  you have to learn what it’s all about. How would you apply and impart your skill set and find what works in the Social media world.

pablo (23)

I would like to borrow the words of  Sifu Jamie Cortez of Wing Chun.

Testimony from Sifu Jamie Cortez aspiring Wing chun student Bill Gonzales

– Why does he learn Wing Chun? :


“Just sharing my thoughts. The reason why I decided to learn Wing chun primarily for self defense. However some people may ask me, why wing chun? Then I ask myself too,why Wing Chun?

For me Wing Chun is not just a martial arts for self defense, but it is also a martial arts that can be applied in our everyday life. This what makes Wing Chun unique.

We all know that wing chun teaches us to be aware and to maintain our “CENTER LINE”, also it teaches us to relax and be calm when we are under pressure, physically and mentally. This principle of wing chun helped me understand and face the challenges of life.

Nowadays, we are very busy with our jobs and or businesses, we all encounter stress and pressure. Because of the principles of wing chun, I learned to control myself be relax and be calm when facing everyday stress and problems.17240479_10154654484633611_117763144621104094_o

It also teaches me to be aware of my “CENTERLINE”, I understand that we are very busy, however we should not forget our centerline, God and our family or our loved ones. Like what Ip Man said in the movie Ip Man 3, There’s nothing more important than the love of those by your side.

So we must not forget to always to spend quality time with them even if we are under stress or pressure because of our jobs or business.

Another thought came by when finishing this post,
The forward intent. – Face your fears, keep moving forward to achieve your goals.”


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