Apps,Software and other Spices


Software and apps are  an essential part of productivity for freelancers and end users. We become too  dependent on them especially if it entails interrelating with other people and working on business tasks from other parts of the world.  Guess this is what freelancers have to contend with in their daily existence.

Last month,  I was writing and spoke highly of an app. Although extremely happy at first. I somehow got attached writing and experimenting on what it could do. Unfortunately after  4 days  I received an error message 504 Internal Server Error. There is really nothing you can do but wait. Please check on Rosalind Gardner 10 things what to do Rosalind Gardner 10 Things what to do in a 504 timeout.

As experienced really you can not do anything but wait. I have written to the owner and developer who unfortunately never bothered to respond. I explained that I was having issues with the software. Don’t get me wrong I am not annoyed about the 504 timeout error. On the contrary the software had certain quirks I could get back on. What displeased me was the fact they never bothered to inform me via Twitter or email.

As for Fawour I salute and take my hat’s off to the brainchild and developer from Denmark. They constantly notify their users via Facebook Page, Twitter what went wrong. I even received a direct message from them   providing details . This was resolved after 24 hours of downtime.

Last night I received a friendly invitation from a different Software developer to check them out.A hint they are number 1 in the market for Social Media Integration in the Digital World. I was actually saving them for last considering friends, Novice and seasoned Digital Professionals have used them for the past years. Their record seems untarnished in providing service and updates almost on a regular basis.

My point is this  there are numerous ways to work on a content.There are millions of software and applications you can use and utilize  so you can become productive.

But to rely and becoming too complacent is  another matter.I’m glad I was brought up in an old school environment. Meaning I could still work and become productive even in a Standalone mode.

Until then it’s a rainy Friday morning where I am at. Stay safe, dry and going back to my regular activities.


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