TaskWorld Pending Review

pablo (29)

Taskworld is a cloud-based collaboration platform created by Fred Mouawad. The SaaS (software as a service) is designed to facilitate project and task management, collaboration, delegation, communication, knowledge management, measure progress and provide performance metrics for evidence-based evaluations within teams

The Rubik’s cube has been around for decades. I have not figured out how my son seems to work on his laptop on certain tasks while handling a Rubik’s tube in one hand . My son, Francis , tells me it helps him think and relax. Funny I find this utterly amusing, Rubik’s Cube and project management needs to be worked on . Especially if you need a time frame or   time line on a project to get entire picture of what you want to accomplish.


Taskworld corporate office is located

  • 12 West 37th Street
    Suite 502, New York, NY 10018
    United States of America.

It’s a hot humid Monday early evening. So here we go.I have been given fifteen days Free Trial to use TaskWorld.  I read TaskWorld is a competitor of Trell0. There are certain  similarities, the only difference the add  of the TaskWorld App did state  it is a combination of both Trello and Slack.

To put me in the mood. I decided to pick up my old trusty ATT Blackberry 9700. Turned to  and switched on the Tunein App. Finally tuned-in and selected Boracay Beach Radio(10 Brazilian Love Affair(Original mix) Feature Monday Michiru. The music drum and the beat seems to bring in the creative juice I need.

First Things First (Count  Down :Trial Expires in 11 Days) 

The Free version of Trello has been around for some time. I like their 30 Day  Free Trial, especially when I love maximizing the potential of the Trello App.  TaskWorld on  the other hand is an awesome app. It is a combination of two apps which is Trello and Slack. You can try subscribe to TaskWorld for their 15 Day Free Trial. What  caught my attention with TaskWorld is the familiar Timeline which I see in a typical Project Management System. One feature that I like is the Interactive Checklist Preview  in TaskWorld directly for your task list.

First Time

The first time you log-in to the TaskWorld Website. ( https://taskworld.com/).  I love the first message that faced me

Work Smarter Together

Taskworld packs visual task management, team messaging & project planning into one robust app
Since I had previously  registered,  just logged in the website. You will than be greeted the following message

On the welcome page. You will be handed options to select a Workspace, this is either you create a New Work Space or work on your current workspace. In this case I named my workspace as Daddy Felix.

I love the interactive tutorial of Taskworld. I take my hats off to the developer , the video will give you a step-by-step how to work at the desktop. My only comment is that the captions are in French . This would run for 2:40 seconds which is shown under Youtube. No worries, the video is ample enough to give you options or ideas how to work and navigate at the Taskworld Dashboard.
(To be continued)

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