Exploring WordPress.com and Blogging

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Lessons Learned 

It has been almost a week since I have been staying in Angeles Pampanga. I have learned new things in WordPress.com . It is working on blogs and exploring new ways to improve the Daddy Felix website. I  learned some lessons along the way, such as when writing a blog you need to have an outline in order to have an idea on what you would like to convey.

I have experienced some issues with WordPress.com. Last November I wrote a topic about “Shutter stock Sample” and “Social Media,Technology in Old School Yesterday and Today”.  Unfortunately , both articles vanished and were erased from the site.

Lesson learned, it is imperative to always have a backup. I was able to re-write my article about “Shutter Stock Sample“, unfortunately for the other I need some time to gather  all my thoughts and recall what I had written four months ago, Crap! This will be the last time I will writing down my thoughts impromptu .

Last March 6, I attempted to send some blogs from WordPress to Twitter. I encountered an is issue.It read “403 Error. The Server understood the request,but is  refusing to fulfill it.”. One thing to remember. Do not panic, I recall researching in Google what to do. It took only me a few minutes to resolve the issue.  Let me now share some some few lessons I picked up.


  • WordPress.com- I had a nice chat with my peer in Virtual Assistant Professional, Lhuvly Delgado, She stated the importance the difference between using WordPress.com and WordPress.org. I will expound later.
  • Trello– I have written few materials about Trello. It’s now a good time to use Trello to mind-map my article. One thing I learned is you can start learning a tool or an app just in this case and explore all the possibility to write down your ideas.
  • Pablo for Buffer –Here’s a tip. I used two images for this blog. The first which is something to catch the attention of the reader. While going to the dashboard of Pablo for Buffer . You have the option to change the contrast of your image. In that way you can adjust the contrast of the FILTER at the right side of Pablo. Depending on the message you would like to put.
  • Peers – Really have to stress the importance of  having friends or establishing new contacts online with different groups in FaceBook. I had a nice chat with my classmate and batch mate in Virtual Assistant Professionals Group under Ms. Rochefele Rivera. Her name is Lhuvly Delgado, a web developer  and Digital Marketing Specialist. She was kind enough to check out my work. She stated that using WordPress.com is good only in Blogging. Clients will not take you seriously especially since it is a free site. I totally agree with her. Unfortunately if you have limited funds and have not garnered sufficient exposure . This is the reason why I have decided to use Word Press.com instead of Word Press. org., I always believe it would really depend on the content you are writing.

Here we go, thank you for taking time reading this blog. I hope this tips and suggestions would help aspiring bloggers. Till next time this is Daddy Felix greeting to have a good weekend-Vaya Con Dios

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One thought on “Exploring WordPress.com and Blogging

  1. Case of a missing blog(Resolved) Here are the following steps in case your blog or article vanishes under WordPress.com. 1. Search for the Missing Article in Google. In this case I was locating ” “Social Media,Technology in Old School Yesterday and Today”. 2. Once you locate the article in google. You will notice a blue or green arrow . 3. Click on the Arrow, till the word “Cache shows up.. You could either copy and paste the article. Note:* Not in all cases would this work. The first missing article had an error message 403 Error “File Not Found.


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