My apologies. I need to re-write the entire blog.First of all I would like to thank everyone who visited my site. I can not seem to recall how I lost the first article about Shutterstock sample. The only thing I can recall was editing the settings in my “Menu Tab” and providing the corresponding “Category & Tag“. As if I was visited by Harry Haudini and snatched my article which seem to have vanished into thin air,poof.

Seriously, I’ll have to check out Shutterstock and re-write the article. I also noticed it will not hurt  visit other bloggers . Just sharing some thoughts.Until than have a pleasant peaceful weekend everyone. Vaya Con Dios to one and all!

Featured Image -- 1193

Coming from one of my favorite company

Last February , I decided to check out Shutterstock. I heard  Shutterstock  from some peers. I  saw a couple of teasers from FaceBook, which pricked my curiosity.  I have been using some basic Graphical Arts such as Pablo for Buffer and Canva . Perhaps I just wondered what would make Shutterstock different from the current tools I am using.

One of the bloggers I met here in WordPress , commented  the account I had opened is a Free browsing account. Meaning , I would have to contact Shutterstock  to buy the image for a licensed version.  I admit , I can not blame the company for their strict adherence  in selling downloading and promoting their images.

Shutterstock is an American stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools provider[3]headquartered in New York City.[4] Founded in 2003 by programmer and photographer Jon Oringer,[5] Shutterstock maintains a library of around 90 million royalty-free stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations.

(Reference Wikipedia)

It’s now quiet and peaceful where I am at. Everyone one has gone to bed early and at least the Internet is no longer buffering unlike  early evening. Another brand new week ahead so here we go.

Shutterstock is a fabulous  platform  offering  a wide array and varieties of images .Only if you pay the price (Minimum is 5 images for the Basic Image Pack). For additional information visit their website at


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