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Marta lives in China

Many people have been on holidays and traveling this month. Many blogs have not been updated so frequently these lazy summer days because their authors are busy doing holiday stuff and having fun. And me… I am writing a post about working because that’s what I’ve been doing all summer!!

I started working from home over 8 months ago and can now talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the “home office”. Let’s see them! Remember, though, that I am not a freelancer, I work full time for a company, so my experience might be different from that of freelancers.

From Nico's point of view. My humble home office. This pic is from a few months ago, now it’s messier!


  • Freedom! When I am not busy I can do other things, like updating my blog or going to the grocery store downstairs.
  • I don’t have to waste time commuting. This is a big yay.
  • I don’t even have to…

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