Canva or Pablo?

pablo (4).png

Gong  xi Fa Cai – Means Happy New Year greetings for the Chinese New Year   Welcoming the Year of the Rooster. I arrived  late in the evening at my wife’s home in Angeles City. From the chaotic stressful heavy traffic I encountered in the Urban city and and in an hours time  transitioned to a  a small quiet distant rural provincial setting.

I find it literally amusing how a cover image change one’s mood  and perspective especially in terms of  a change of  a scenery and by maintaining a positive mindset despite any given stressful situation. It is no different  likewise in the digital world.

Canva vs. Pablo Pros and cons which is better?

Personally I don’t make  a habit of making comparisons between  the various or tools or apps I use. I leave the readers discretion  on the merits of Canva or Pablo which  platform is better. I find both Canva and Pablo for Buffer quite  useful. In fact there are many times I use both platforms one at a time . Occasionally I use them both depending on the theme of my blog.

Pablo for Buffer

This is the first time you see when you use Pablo for Buffer.When you open up Pablo for Buffer you have over 600,000.00 images to choose from.You also have the option to upload you’re own image. In the middle of the dashboard, after choosing an image you could create a message or insert inspirational quotes that is relevant to your blog.

The middle Dashboard is called a template.Pablo for Buffer gives the user the choice and option to create a Blank template, Quote, Announcement, Promotion, Love , Outreach. The lists vary and is limited only to the users imagination.

pablo (16)


Canva  is defined as platform for simple graphics design.The story behind Canva is interesting. It began by Melanie Perkins who was studying at the University of Western Australia. Canva is created by Melanie Perkin’s and  Cliff Obrecht.

Canva meanwhile gives you an option to choose between 1,000,000.00 images to choose from. What Makes Canva spectacular , after choosing an image you have the options to alternate your color settings, layout, text and background the way you please.


Played around with Canva. Really enjoyed navigating and checking out what I can do with the platform.Blogger ,Social Media Enthusiast (1).png

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