Know yourself


“Nosce te Ipsum” means to know yourself. The first time I encountered the Latin verse “Nosce te Ipsum” or “Temet Nosce” came out from the 1999 movie The Matrix.

Kenu Reeves (Neo or Thomas A. Anderson) meets up with Oracle(Gloria Foster) for the first time. Neo had questions in his mind and Oracle points her forefinger  directly to the sign which was nailed above a door “Temet Nosce” or know yourself.

The question is do you know yourself?

Each day we are faced with choices. Some simple and others complex.What comes first the chicken or the egg? An enigma we face each day to direct us towards the direction we plan.

We are handed zillions of situations. We are faced with numerous choices.

For the past few months, my WI-FI  was unusually cutting in and out.  Somehow tried to rectify the issue by coordinating with my Internet Service Provider(ISP) and hope to troubleshoot the connectivity issues. Until today I experienced glitches beyond my control. Somehow I was faced with the quandary. That is to continue working on-line or head back to the Business Processing Outsource. The situation dictated to choose the latter.

Let me present some simple suggestions to know yourself.

  • Know what you want.
  • What are your skills and expertise-This is crucial especially if you need to enumerate your goals and plans for the next few month or new year
  • Plan. Do you have a blueprint?
  • Seek out advice from mentors – I highly suggest to talk to a mentor. In my case a Virtual Assistant Professional and Writer.It would help to talk to a third party who knows your capability. So you could clear up you’re mind on the right choice you will make.
  • Decide- After writing down your plan.  Decide what you will do and set a priority list.
  • Strategy and Action. Finally,  break down your objective, plans and execute till you get the results you like to achieve.

It is not too late to move. My heart bleeds when I encounter people stating they do know how to become a  Virtual Assistant Profession, Search Engine Optimization Specialists,  Social Media Administrator. The list is endless.

2017 is near approaching.  Hope this blog acts a guide for those who seek to work in the digital world. This is my little way of sharing. Deep in my mind. I look forward pursuing the adventure I started.

Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad !, and have a great New Year everyone.


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