Target you’re Niche

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There is an interesting English idiom” A picture is worth a  thousand words“. A picture  can make or break an article in terms of capturing   a given  target audience . Entice readers to  spend precious time to read an article. It is important to identify a specific niche.

It gives the  reader an idea if he can rely on the information provided by the writer .

Interesting,right… But , what is a niche? and what is a niche market?

A niche is defined as a service , product or specialty you can offer to people or a given market.

“A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment”-Wikipedia definition.”

Niche Target Trial and Error

Years ago ,the first job I handled was a salesman for  line and space advertisement for a newspaper for the Manila Times Newspaper. Suffice to say I  did not last long. My first mistake for someone stepping  out of college is grabbing the first job that came along and   considerably failed miserably.

My supervisor gave me a heart to heart talk and advised me to specialize  something that would interest me. Somehow I’m glad to heed his words.

Evolution , Technology, and Changes

I decided to concentrate on what interested  me which are computers and Information Technology. My next job was  work with a Software house that channels on selling and marketing original software solutions such as Ashton-Tate, Borland, Computer Associate Accounting Products , Microsoft, Lotus Software products just to name a few.

During the early Nineteen Eighties, it was difficult to sell Original Software packages considering software piracy was rampant and on the very peak .

Meaning , you can simply drop by the nearest mall such as Green Hills in San Juan and purchase the latest bootleg software and games in the market.

It was not until the middle later of the Nineteen Eighties when the government with the help of the Business Software Alliance and law enforcement agencies such as the NBI and law enforcers went after software piracy for Corporations and Individuals . Imposing extensive heavy fines and possible  imprisonment  which  deter the use of unauthorized software.

The individuals, companies and corporation in the market are fast  evolving. The pay I was receiving was not sufficient.I had a son to support, so I decided to transfer to a software house named Questronix Corporation. The new company I transferred is an affiliate of IBM. The company sells mid-range systems for IBM RS 6000 Computers  and Software solutions.

Somehow , I soon realized I bit more than what I could chew. Never did I realize I was out of my league. Somewhat bitter I decided to go back selling computers and original software. This  again did not last long and went on searching for a new company.

Finally ,I found one company called SPC Corporation and QSS Corporation  which concentrate on Structured Cabling Systems for WI-FI,copper and fiber optics cabling and integrating active and passive components.

While writing this article  I got to realize I lived practically in the evolution of computers and Information Technology.From selling , marketing boxes,  systems solutions and finding finally myself and my niche.

Social Media, Blogging and Present

Let us now talk about  the present. I guess this moment is no different from the past experiences I had.

We live in the Internet Digital Age where there are constant changes in technology . Just reading  threads in Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  many or most  of the young folks or the millennium  generation can not seem to survive without the use of their gadgets and devices which my old man would often say as mere toys.

Social Media,Technology, and Present.

Current Digital practitioners, Social Media Specialists, Content Marketers expound the importance of identifying your target or market niche.  To me ,this is important to learn from the past.  Spare future social media practitioners from committing similar mistakes , oversight, and a waste of precious time .

And concentrate on the present problem and the provide the best solution to help out   a client in a given target market.


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