Bloggers Hour ,Campus Jazz and other stories


Way back in the early 1980’s  once upon a time I took a part of a group called Campus Jazz. It’s a One-hour radio program that centered on Jazz Music Fusion and what’s going on in different Campus in Metro Manila.

The producer at that time was Ms.Pinky Villarama and the master DJ was Brother Wayne.The Program was sponsored by Macho Blade and Reynolds Ballpen distributor by Dragon Enterprises. The program was shown LIVE every Sunday at 6:00 pm. The mainstay of music was more about different Jazz Music and Jazz Fusion.

The mainstay of music was more about different Jazz Music and Jazz Fusion. I was just about to graduate from high school at Don Bosco Mandaluyong when a school mate of mine Marlon Conception invited me to meet his cousin Ms. Pinky Villarama.

I recall  Ms. Pinky Villarama as one of the mainstay News Caster at Radio Philippine Network (RPN) Channel 9, A Television network in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Somehow I fondly recall dropping by at Scout Reyes to be picked up and proceed to LS or the Live Studio thirty minutes or an hour before the program went live on Air.

I have been searching on the web about the radio station that faded into obscurity except for a written article in or an article at the Philippine Daily Inquirer Entertainment  section entitled Play it Again by Mr. Pocholo Conception

Great Daddy Felix what has that got to do with the Bloggers Hour?

Well, let me get there. Fast forward November 28, 2016. A few hours ago I listened to a program called Bloggers Hours  which goes Live every Monday at DWDD.COM.PH

The topic covered is titled “Health and Wealth of a Blogger” | Monday, Nov. 28 DWDD 1134 kHz AM or live streaming.The special guest of the talk is  Ms.Johhanna Kwok-Denosta.The program is interesting which centers on Filipino Bloggers.


For additional information about The Bloggers Hour, you may check out their Facebook page.

A month ago one of the invited guests of the Bloggers Hour is Ms. Rochefele Rivera my mentor and owner of VA Professionals-Your Virtual Assistant Partner. For some strange reason, my peers and I were having issues watching live streaming.  Only to realize that one way to watch live stream is to minimize your apps and programs to watch and listen.

Here are just some of the interesting subjects that were discussed:

  • “So .. Does My Blog Really Need an app”. The special guest is Ms. Ann Villar Jacobe Founder of AppStart Academy
  • “How Do I Make Business out of My Blog”. The Special guest is Ms. Georgina Carlos co-owner  of
  • “How Can I Make My Blog Post Go Viral” The special guest is Mr.John Carlos Catalan Country Manager of TSIKOT.COM

Just to name a few.  I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Ron Oriel Darunday Villagonzalo and Mr.Raffy Pekson II who both introduced the Bloggers Hour. And the way I have met personally in a seminar for WAH or Work At Home.

I just hope this would entice other Filipino Bloggers or future young bloggers who would like to learn the life of a Blogger or Freelancer.





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