Blogging Essentials is the seed


How’s your foundation?

Most people  growing up go through a process of learning their ABC’s.  I recall before entering nursery school , my parents read  Dr. Seuss’s ABC An Alphabet Book  to me as a tyke.We are introduced to  the fundamentals how to read and write. And little by little form and create basic sentence structure which is crucial to communicate with  people   I see no difference learning anything new. Regardless of our interests, it is important to learn and master the basic fundamentals and  build a firm foundation.

I noticed this  has the same approach on any subject of any teacher   .Of course, it is imperative to have an astute keen interest and possess the innate burning  passion learning something new.

One example is   learning to play a musical instrument like a guitar. A teacher shows you what are the different parts of the guitar. Gradually how to learn to hold and handle a guitar.The mentor progresses and teaches the student how to tune up his guitar  and goes through the process of learning  the basic chords and read musical notes.

Here’s the difference now , It would depend entirely  on the students DESIRE,INTEREST ,and DILIGENCE to pursue his study.

This goes true also in Blogging.

Like an artist who first sketches lines and paints on his canvas. At first, pictures on his mind a  particular subject creates  the form ,chooses   the colors what he sees and what he would want his captive audience to perceive. Later refines and brings out a masterpiece for the world to see. In blogging instead of using a canvas we use our laptop, netbook or desktop.  Instead of sketching , we use words and form sentences  to describe our thought .We frame sentences to paragraphs. Build paragraphs to form a story or message we like to convey to the readers

I am a firm believer of “What the Mind Perceives, the body will achieve“, this is one of the many aphorisms my idol the late actor and famed martial artist Bruce Lee expounds. I love the article released by CNN about the late actor Enter the Mind of Bruce Lee by John Blake CNN . I am still amazed how Bruce Lee overcame  his physical shortcoming.

Only a few people knew Bruce Lee was near sighted and one of his legs was longer than the other.Besides becoming an actor. He was a writer, producer, director, a martial artists who  bridged the east and west. Above all, he was a creative beautiful human being despite his short time leaving this world at the age of 32 in July 1972.

Great Daddy Felix!  Do I write and blog now?

I highly recommend reading any material on blogging online. There are some books I would suggest which you could get at the nearest local National Book Store. I love …How You Can Start a Blog Today by Bob Lotich.  This is available online through Amazon in Kindle form.

I use Easy Companion Books “How to Start A Blog “By Aki Libo-on and So you want to be a Freelance Writer by Elizabeth P. Ong as references.

Join on-line Filipino Blogging groups just to mention a few such as Writers’ Forum and Blog Sharing or ,Word Players Lounge

Before I go let me share a few wise words borrowed from  BBC and my Wing Chun Sifu Jamie Cortez “So the only Person that can help me, is me”


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