Social Media,Technology in Old School Yesterday and Today

I  need to backtrack and retrace.I am not really sure why my article went AWOL and hopefully, this would spare me to re-write a new article. I’m not sure why this is the second time a blog disappeared. Thank you for your time, I hope I could retrace my thoughts. Appreciate the follow. God Speed everyone. So I thought…

So I thought…

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What is Social Media?

Social Media is a  venue, it is a medium of different Social Media platforms.They are tools used to promote, convey an idea or concept.  A means to communicate an idea to a given niche. Just to mention a few popular Social Media Platforms:

  • Social Media Networking sites-Facebook, Google Plus, Multiply(Discontinued) Friendster(Discontinued), Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat
  • Micro-Blogging Sites  Twitter, Tumbler, P interest
  • Publishing – WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, Medium, Ghost, WIX, Weebly
  • Collaboration Social Media Tools-Wikipedia, Wikibooks
  • Social Media Management Tools- Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Buffer, Social Pilot, Ladder
  • Project Management Apps Trello, Asana, Slack, Basecamp


websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

What is Technology?

Technology is subjective depending on the niche, industry, and subject.  Let me confine technology to computers. Technology evolves when there is a need to improve or simplify a job or a specific task. Technology corresponds to addressing a problem and suggests a solution to the need of an individual or group of people.

Social Media and Technology advances bring changes in our lives.It simplifies and makes life bearable and easy coming up with challenges and obstacles which confront in our daily living. I was born in the Nineteen Sixties where digital computer age was in its infant stage.

What made me interested in Computers and Technology? 

The only computers that existed in the 1960’s where mainframe computers. There were confined for Manufacturing, Military and  Commercial Industry to help expedite solutions in daily operations and activities. The only exposure that sparked my interests in computers was when I was young. In the sixties was the movie called  “Stanley Kubrick 2001 Space Odyssey”  A science fiction movie look in the future.

There were other movies that enticed me into computers and Information Technology.You could check out 10 Great Films about Computers.At a young age, I knew I wanted to learn more about computers and information technology.

Pablo for Buffer

During my younger years, I studied in a technical school called Don Bosco  Technical College. We were brought up to use old and current tools for a specific task. I concentrated on Industrial Drafting. We were trained to use a T-Square, Protractor, Vellum(a thin see through paper) Drafting tables.   Nowadays today’s generation would use  Computer Added Design or CAD for their designs.

It seems to be no different in Social Media and Technology. There are regular constant changes, improvement, and updates to simplify our work on the tasks that are needed to be done. In the early 1980’s the computers were not as fast and powerful, unlike today’s generation computers. I trained myself to a Standalone level. Meaning work on documents using Word Processors such as Volkswriter, Wordstar, for  Spreadsheets using Lotus 123 or Microsoft Excel, For presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, Database using DBase III Plus, CA-Clipper, and  Paradox.

As the months and years past, integrate software integrate software which brought about the likes   Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite. I realize that working on a single task using this software made me a better person today from yesterday.

A little background on myself. My name is Felix Ira or call me Daddy Felix for short. I am a Blogger, Social Media Enthusiast. I underwent my  Virtual Assistant Professional Training under Ms. Rochefele Rivera owner and founder of Professional VA’s- Your Virtual Assistant Partner. I am currently managing three different Social Media Platforms in Facebook, Social Media Enthusiast who is active in Twitter, Linkedin,  I love photography and graphics using Canva, Pablo for Buffer. I am a husband of Marcela Ira, father of two wonderful kids, Business Partner and Friend.

I am looking forward to assisting in your social media needs as a Virtual Assistant Professional.

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