There is a popular proverb “The First Step is the Hardest“. Come to think of it, I have always wondered where this verse came from?

The truth is , I have been blogging for almost a year or two. The difference right now, I  now enjoy blogging.This time I am dead set in pursuing as a career.

Last January of 2016, I got in touch with  Ms. Rochefel Rivera. She is the owner and founder of The Professional VA’s- Your Virtual Assistant Partner. It is a six(6)month rigid program concentrating on training for   New Virtual Assistant or Professional Virtual Assistant. Miss Roche designed a direct and simplified approach for people like me who would want to know the in’s and out of the Virtual Assistant Professionals. I owe her the deepest gratitude in the pursuit of this endeavor.

I specialize in WordPress and Blogger for writing my web logs or Blogs. I am also into Social Media where in I am currently an administrator three different groups wherein I update, monitor, share postings when the need arises.

I hope you enjoy this picture especially the sunset. I am with my wife and her siblings this was taken in Zambales last September of this year. Personally, I admit I had challenges this year. For one during the duration of the webinars, my mother who is 87 years old fractured her right femur in the early hours of Black Saturday. She had to undergo as my siblings and Dad would say an evasive procedure especially because of her age.  To complicate matters she suffers from Dementia.

It was quite difficult shuttling back and forth taking turns with my siblings taking care of the needs of my Mom.

Last May we held our Presidential Elections. Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was was elected as the 16th President of the Philippine Republic and is current the chairman of the South East Asian Nations for 2017.  President Rodrigo Duterte and his followers battle Cry is “Change is Coming

There were other challenges which I will not elaborate but instead deal with them in a daily basis. You are right the “First Step is the Hardest”. Join me  in this venture or adventure in the stages  of Life.

Vaya Con Dios-“Go  Be With God”


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